Roman Empire

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Caesars first wifeCornellia cinna
Gaius OctaviusOctavians father
Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa Loyal friend to Octavian
Mark Antony
Marcus Lepidus
OctaviaMark Antonys 2nd wife - Octavians sis
Fulvia AntoniusMark Antonys 1st wife
Marcus Tullius CiceroPhilosopher, Politician, Orator, Consul
Antony and CiceroEnemies - Cicero proscribed
Second TriumverateLepidus, Octavian, Antony
Publius VeditiusIn charge of Parthia in Antonys absence
First triumverate Marcus Licinius Crassus, Ceasar, and Pompey
ScribboneaOctavians first wife (sis of Sextus' father in law)
AnonaSextus sails around city of Anona
Battle of PhillipiAntony owns Cassius and Brutus
Pact of MisenumTruce between Octavian and Sextus
Decimus Junius Brutus AlbinusGovernor of Gaul
Quintus PediusOctavians relative who he appoints as consul

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Octavian as consulSpain, Gaul, Cicillia/Cyprus, Syria, Egypt
LegatesProvincial assistants
Sixtillisrenamed August
Livia DusillaOctavians wife
Tiberius Claudius NeroLivias first husband
TiberiusOctavians step son
DrususOctavians younger step son
Marcus Claudius MarcellusJulias husband (dies no kids)
MarcellaAgrippas first wife
Gaius and LuciousOctavians nephews (adopts them)
Princepts First among equals
First settlementHolds consulship (10 years)

Section 3

Question Answer
Annales Maximi80 volumes (Triumphs, Magistrates)
VergilAenid, Bucolics (farming)
HoracePoet (travelling)
Dionysius Italicarnassus20 books (roman antiquities)
LivyHistory of rome in 142 books
AvidArts of love (Wrote of the Fasti)
VitruviusArchitecture (10 books)
Strabo Geography (17 books)
Pliny (the elder)Natural History
JosephusJewish Antiquities
PlutarchWrote later (compares J.C and Alex the Great)
JuvenalWrote Satires (baths)
MartialDogs (napkins)
Suetonius Imperial Librarian (12 ceasars)
Cassius DuoWrote roman History

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