Rock names based on texture

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Question Answer
Granofels A massive non-schistose metamorphic rock. Can have a granoblastic, decussate or radiating texture characteristic of crystallisation in the absence of deformation (Static crystallisation)
HornfelsA non-schistose fine-grained contact metamorphic rock with a granoblastic microstructure
GniessA coarse-to-medium grained metamorphic rock with compositional banding of schistose and granular bands and/or lenses found at medium to high grade areas
SchistAny medium-to-coarse grained metamorphic rock that had a pervasive schistosity or mineral lineation.
SlateA fine grained schist with slaty cleavage. Cleavage surfaces has a dull appearance
Phyllite A fine grained schist displaying a cleavage. Cleavage surfaces have a shiny sheen
Migmatite A mixed rock such as a gniess which has distinctive light (quartz+feldspar rich) and dark coloured layers of lenses. Typical of high grade metamorphism
Myonite A fine-grained recrystallised fault rock with a well developed schistosity resulting from tectonic reduction of grain size. Commonly contains numerous porphyroclasts.