RMA Study Guide III

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Section 1

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Apex of the heart, what and where is it?bottom tip of the heart, in the intercostal space
Open hours scheduling no appointment needed, first come first served
German measles rubella
Hematocrit, what is the purpose of this testpercentage of red blood cells
What colored tube top is used for a pregnancy testred
What layer of the skin is used for allergy injectionsepidermis
Term for increased erythrocytespolycythemia
Percentage of rubbing alcohol used on skin70% isopropyl alcohol
What causes Rocky Mountain Spotted Fevertickborne disease caused by bacterium rickettsia rickettsii
I9 form employment eligibility verification form
Position for sigmoidoscopysims
CPT coding current procedural terminology. medical code set maintained by the AMA through CPT edition panel
Down coding lesser complexity, resulting in decreased reimbursement
Papule local infection
What gland is affected by mumpssalivary glands
Mechanical soft diet hs smoother consistency than regular foods very little or no chewing at all to swallow
Married minor, who consents to release the recordthe minor will sign
Anti-Kickback Lawcriminal statute that prohibits the exchange of anything of value in an effort to induce the referral of federal health care program business
Systole highest pressure
Turbidcloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter
Cerebellum the part of the brain at the back of the skull in vertebras function is to coordinate and regulate muscular activity
Hypothalamus regulates body temp

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Graph Paper Squares- Horizontal LineTime. small block is 1mm, 0.04 seconds, large block is 5mm, 0.20 seconds
Graph Paper Squares- Vertical Line Voltage or Amplitude. small block is 1mm, 0.1mV, large block is 5mm, 0.5mV
What lead is ground right leg
What does the AC interference mean in regards to EKG?electrical interference by outside sources, electrical noise from elsewhere in the body
What structures are in the deepest layer of the integumentary system the stratum basale, single layer of cells resting on a basement membrane
What does a uterine tenaculum look likelike a rake
What does the percussion hammer look likethe tool for reflexes; rubber triangular top connected to a metal handle
What does bradycardia look like on an EKG diagramlong pauses between the R waves
Which lead is in the 4th intercostal space on the left side V2
What does the thyroid produce increases metabolic rate, necessary for cell growth
If yesterdays receivables are 19000, todays charges were 1000 and receipts are 500, what is the new balance?18500
What type of diet should someone with cholecystitis eathigh fiber foods, whole grains, beans and lentils, and lean meat (turkey, chicken and plenty of fish)
What type of diet should someone with CAD eathealthy fats, whole grain breads and fruits and veggies
What is the artificial draining of the bladdercatheterization
What is gluteraldehydepungent, colorless, oily liquid, used to sterilize medical and dental equipment
What color blood collection tube is used for a CBClavender
What does a CBC show shows a wide variety; measures several components and features of your blood, including red blood cells which carry oxygen
Identify suture scissor with picturesmall hook shape tip scissors
Identify QRS complex on an EKG pictureits when the interval between the R wave is not regular
What quadrant do you give gluteal injectionsinjection is given in the top outer quadrant
What kills all microorganisms, including sporesethylene oxide
What do you clean a site with when a patient is getting a blood alcohol test povidone-iodine or antiseptic soap

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How do you clean a site with a lacerationinside to outside
Net V gross incomewhen the income of a tax payer is derived from business activity
What is deducted from your paychecktaxes, employee benefits and retirement plan contributions
What tests do you perform for goutarthrocentesis
What is hypochloric acid colorless, highly pungent solution of hydrogen chloride; found naturally in gastric acid
What type of bleach solution do you use to disinfect bleach and water solution; 1:10 ratio ; hydrochlorite
What do you use transfer forceps for to add items to and arrange other items on a sterile tray
Positions for pap smear and shortness of breath lithotomy and fowlers
What side does the patient lie on for sims postionleft
Know what modifiers look like always two characters may be numeric or alphanumeric; they are at the end of a CPT code with a hyphen; example 24115-52
What code would be used for a routine visit for vaccinations Z23
What does CPT modifier 52 meana procedure was completed but not fully successful, the 52 modifier is used for reduced services
What part of the brain controls balancecerebellum
Air in the pleurapneumothorax
Moving blood from syringe to vacutainer can cause what hemolysis
The deltoid muscle does what abducts the humerus
Atherosclerosis could be caused by hyperlipidemia
When a third party wants to pay for medical bills, who needs to consentthe patient
Macule a discolored spot on the skin
Papule small, raised, solid pimple or welling often forming part of a rash, not producing pus
Vesiclea fluid filled cavity or sac
Impetigo Symptoms red rashes, blisters or itching
What would you use excel for scheduling by time, age, new vs old patients, etc..

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Safest way to back up electronic charts disk
All are good safety measures for comp safety exceptchanging passwords weekly
What is Dilantinanticonvulsant
If a person has a myocardial infarction, how long can they go without oxygen before it affects the brian6-8 minutes
Flow of urine from the kidneys to the meatus kidneys-ureters-bladder-urethra-meatus
Who can adult medical records be released to insurance company, or another physician with consent
What is the normal axillary temp97.6
What is the pulse site in the neckcartoid
When a muscle is not being used, what happens to it atrophy
Hep B is an example of A virus
Where would you NOT do a capillary puncture AC space
Functioning units of the lungs that are air sacs are calledalveoli
3 parts of the nephron renal corpuscle, renal tubule
Where are RBC made red bone marrow
CHAMPUS/TRICARE covers who?active duty and retired service members, their families, and survivors, or a spouse of a veteran who was killed in action
What does Medicare Part A coverHospitalizations