RMA Study Guide II

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Section 1

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When teahcing an out of work single mother good nutrition for her young child, a good community resource program is WIC program
What is the root word fibr/o conjunctive tissue
The term bacterium refers to one celled microorganism
When performing phlebotomy, the MA should do all of the following exceptput on sterile gloves to ensure use of Universal Standard Precaution
What is another term for superbill?encounter form
CHAMPUS is a health care plan called Tricare
RBRVS refers to the System of reimbursement
A common example of a common diuretic is Lasix
The reading of 140-200 mg/dl would be a result of cholesterol test
An exposure control plan contains all of the following except establish a means of account for all staff patient and visitors
A medical power of attorney us an advance directive
A congenital deformity of the spinal column is spina bifida
A mean to protecting vulnerable population is to screen healthcare staff through a finger printing clearance process
A blood pressure reading is considered part of objective data
An angiogram is an xray study of the blood vessels
Why is the barium enema performed before the upper GI stool sample the barium of the upper gI may take days to clear the patients system before the barium enema can be performed
Transferring info from day sheet to the account receivable ledger to the individual patient statement is called posting
Which of the following vitamins, if deficient in the body, can cause night blindness vitamin a
The mucous membrane that lines the uterus is endometrium
The term that refers to dividing the body horizontally is transverse

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An exchange of something of valve between parties when entering into a contract is referred to as consideration
The surgical method used to cauterize tissue iselectrosurgery
A type of malpractice in which 'the thing speaks for itself' is called res ipsa loquitur
The male prostate glands surrounds the urethra
Toxoplasmosis and malaria diseases are specific toparasitology
Wave scheduling is utilized when usually four patients are scheduled at the beginning of the hour
Improper performance of an act, resulting in or causing harm, is referred to as?misfeasance
Severe hyperglycemia, rapid respiration, warm dry skin, thirsty, fruity breath, and confusion would most likely bediabetic coma
If a manager follows procedures exactly and never deviates, this manager style isbureaucratic
The thalamus and hypothalamus are located in the diencephalon
To provide massage and heat to a body part, it is necessary to use whirlpool bath
A common example of an antitussive is codeine
Patient ledger is also known as statement
The medical term for the ossicle that is shaped like an anvil is incus
The lobe of the brain that interprets smell is temporal
What is the test used to determine color blindness ishihara
The term retinopexy means fixation or suspension of the retina
When filing a patient file for Fischer, William, it will be filed before Fischer, Bill

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Kidneys work is actually done in the nephron
What is the bandage material used to apply pressure over an injured areaelastic bandage
Physiatry is a term which is also associated with the field of physical medicine
A tenaculum is used to grasp tissue during surgery
The bacteria that causes chronic gastritis is helicobacter pylori
Candidiasis is the microbe that causes thrush
when a patient has a fractured ankle but then experiences malunion of the fracture, it is called late effect
Terminal digit order refers to a system of filing using 6 digit numbers
What is the normal WBC count for a healthy adult patient?7000 cell/mm3
The tube that carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder is calledthe ureter
The term dyspepsia isindigestion
The muscle shortens duringflexion
The medical term for the ossicle that is shaped like a stirrupstapes
Caudal refers to closer to thetail bone
Examples of diseases or illness caused by viruses includehep b and rubella
Which of the following is not an indexing rule when filing alphabeticallytreating hyphenated names as two units
When broken bones are forced into each other, this is referred to asimpacted fracture
The 4Ds in the malpractice include all of the following exceptdiagnosis
The portion of the correct flow of urine through the urinary tractureter to the bladder to the urethra
An urgent care center would benefit from using this type of schedulingtidal wave scheduling
The third party of the insurance plan is theinsurance company
When coding a medical service, the term used for a medical care that involves a multi system or complex involvement of one organ iscomprehensive
The most efficient method for identifying a CPT code islocating the ode in the body of the manual as directed by the index
Microscopic examination of urine includes thepresence of crystals
A person who has not received care from a physician or another physician in the same group or practice within 3 years isnew patient
What type of mail is delivered within 24 hoursexpress
Bacteria that is able to form a resistance capsule around them isspore-forming

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The lobe of the brain that interprets sound istemporal
When positioning a patient for a right lateral view, the patient should be positionedon the right side of the body, closer to the film
What is the term for the total amount of earned income before deductionsgross income
What type of shock results from loss of bloodhypovolemic
An open wound caused by force tearing away from a boney structure by trauma, sometimes leaving a flap, is calledavulsion
The portion of the nervous system that is considered the voluntary nervous system is the systemstomat
The prefix ante meansbefore