Rivers and Streams

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Question Answer
Beginning of a riverHeadwaters
Smaller rivers that feed into a big riverTributaries
Where the river flows into a larger body of waterMouth
A region of land that contributes water to a stream or riverWatershed
Boundaries that separate streams of adjacent watershedsDivide
The course the water in a river or stream flowsChannel
The slope or steepness of a stream channelGradient
The volume of water flowing past a certain point in a given unit of timeDischarge of a stream
The solid matter carried by streamstream load
How does mineral matter get added to a stream?Eroison
The measure of the degree to which water looses its transparency due to the presence of suspended sedimentTurbidity
The acidity of the waterpH
Measures how hot or cold something isTemperature
Process by which lakes becomes rich in nutrients from the surrounding watershed, resulting in a change in the kinds of organisms in the lakeEutrophication
Fertilizer ingredient used in agricultureNitrates

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