River Environments

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Section 1

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abstraction the removal of water from rivers, lakes or groundwater for human use
base flowthe part of a river's discharge fed by groundwater
channelthe part of a valley floor occupied by the flowing water of a stream or river
dischargethe quantity of water that passes a given point on a stream or riverbank within a given period of time
drainage basinthe area drained by a river and its tributaries, bounded by a watershed
erosionthe wearing down of the land by water, wind, ice and gravity
flood plainthe part of the valley floor over which the river spreads during seasonal floods
hydrographa graph on which variations in a rivers discharge are plotted against time
hydrological cyclethe unending movement of water between land, sea and atmosphere

Section 2

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impermeablerock that does not let water to pass through
interlocking spursa series of ridges projecting out on alternating sides of a valley, around which a river winds its course
leveea bank of sediment formed along the edge of a river channel deposited by flood water
mass movementthe movement of weathered rock down a slope due to gravity, without the direct action of running water
meandera pronounced bend in a river
precipitationthe deposition of moisture on the earth's surface in the form of rain, snow, sleet, hail etc.
storesplaces within a system where materials or energy are held for a time
streamflowthe flow of surface water in a well defined channel
watershedthe imaginary line dividing one water basin from the next
weatheringthe chemical alteration and physical breakdown of rock in situ

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