Risk management (EPHE 253)

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Legal responsibility to a partyLiability
Negligence Failure to use a reasonable degree of care as dictated by common sense
What has to occur for negligence to occur?Defendant holds a duty of care to the plaintiff, defendant breached the duty of care, loss or injury occurred, the breach was proximally responsible for the injury
Most preventable injuries are due toDefective facilities or equipment or negligent operation of the program
Negligent operation of the program includes Inadequate supervision or instruction, improper screening or assessment, incompetent instruction, poor skill level match to activity
What are the four steps of risk management?Risk identification, risk assessment, risk control, monitor and evaluate

Section 2

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Risk identification isLooking for things that could cause harm or damage
Examples of risk identification methods areSite inspections, staff training
What are the four main sources of riskPeople, program, equipment and facilities
What are the three main types of riskPhysical injury, wrongful action and promptly damage
Risk measurement is Measuring the frequency and severity of the risk
Methods of risk measurement areCharts of risk priorities, response plans
Risk control isFinding ways to avoid, reduce, transfer or retain risks safely
Methods of reducing/retaining risks areSignage, regular maintenance, emergency plans, proper documentation
Transferring risk is done through Waivers and consent forms
Monitoring the risk is done through Regular reviews of specific risks and control initiatives
Examples of risk monitoring areHealth and safety committees, fire drills, earthquake drives,, staff training

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