Risk 2

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Covellio 1981Disagreement between public and expert
Masuda 2006Territory plays a role in how risk is assessed
Walker 1998 Places encounter technological and social stigma due to poverty and crime
Ballow & Biggs 2010Gender and ethnicity effects on decision making, white male most likely to take a risk. Different perceptions
Ballow 2010High risk or low risk with benefits depending on how enjoyable an activity, risk is assessed a choice is then made and acted upon
Hulme4 issues; people's perception of likelihood of extreme impacts, their concern, their motivation and the locus of responsibility
Anable 2004Different groups respond differently to information depending on attitudes and preferences, same behaviour can take place for different reasons and same attitudes lead to different behaviours
BeckRisk Society - A systematic way of dealing with hazards and insecurities induced by modernization itself. External and manufactured risk. Modern society drift from natural risk. Wealth helps avoid risk
GiddensRisk needs to be disciplined