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Rhetorical Devices

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Rhetorical Devices

Allusionreference to a famous person, event, obj
Alliterationrepetition of beggining of sound in a series of words
Analogyextended comparison
AnaphoraRepetition of a word or phrase at the begining of a sentance
AnecdoteLittle story used within a longer peice of writing to convey a point
Aphorismshort memorable statement
LogosAppeal to reason (stats & facts)
Pathosappeal to emotion
EthosAppeal to ethics
Appeal to authorityexpert is sited to support an argument
Appeal to sensesconcrete, descriptive language used for imagery
Assonancerepetition of vowel sounds in a series of words
Card-stackingestablishing a point utilising only favorable facts
Debunkingopposing view or belief that will be challenged
DictionChoice of words (formal, jargon, informal)
Evidencebacking opinions with evidence
Generalizationused for emphasis
Hyperboleexaggeration for effect
Incongruityphrase that is out of place/absurd
IronyUse of words to express opposite meant
Metaphorcomparison not using "like" or "as"
Onomatopeia"sound words"
Oxymoron/paradoxContradictions which hold truth (jumbo shrimp)
Personificationgiving inanimate obj human char's
Punplay on words
rhetorical questionquestion cannot be answered. used for effect
scapegoatattaching blame to somthing other than source
similecomparison using "like" or "as"
statisticsnumbers representing data
understatementTo amuse or enhance impresiveness of what is said by decreasing it's "excitement"
ParallelismWord redundancy - used for effect

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