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Question Answer
List the 4 means to control bleedingDirect Pressure, Indirect Pressure, Elivation, Decreased Movement
List at least 4 signs or symptoms of musculoskeletal injuriesPain, Swelling, Deformity, Crepitus
List 3 reasons for splintingHelp decrease pain, Help decrease swelling, prevent further damage to soft tissue
What are the 3 collisions that occur in a typical impactWhere car hits other object, Where pt's body hits inside a car, Where pt's internal organs hits the surface structures of the body
Explain what DKA is and list 3 signs & symptomsDiabetic Ketacidosis- decreased GCS, Fruity smell of breath, Cambativeness
Why would a diabetic person develop HypogalecemiaMight have taken too much insulin, might have missed a meal, might have over exercised, Might have excessive vomiting and diarrhea, alcohol consumption
What kind of injury is Becks Triad associated with and 3 signs and symptomsPericardial Temponade & Tension Pneumothorax. Muffled Sounds, Decreased BP, Jugular Vein Distension
What kind of injury is Cushion's Triad associated with and 3 signs & symptomsHead Injury & CVA... Cheyne Stokes Respiration, Decreased Heart rate, Increased BP

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