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Question Answer
What does stridor indicateUpper airway obstruction
What does wheezing indicateLower airway obstruction
Name nine of the deadly dozen chest injuriesAirway obstruction, Bronchial Disruption, Cardiac Temponade, Diaphragmatic Tear, Esophageal Injury, Flail Chest, Massive Hemothorax, Myocardial Contusion, Open Pneumothorax, Pulmonary Contusion, Tension Pneumothorax, Thoracic Aortic Dissection
List 5 functions of the skinAssist in temp regulation, Assist in production of vitamin D, Assists in protection of external forces, Keeps water in and pathogens out, Nerves in skin report to brain on environment & sensations
List 3 classifications of burns and briefly explain how each would presentSuperficial-only top layer/epidermis....Partial thickness-top layer & portion of dermis with blisters.....Full thickness-extend thru all the skin layers down to subcutaneous tissue
List the rule of 9'sHead-9, Whole Torso-18, whole arm-9, whole leg-18, whole back-18, genetalia-1
abrasionremoval of epidermis with capillary bleeding
amputationcomplete removal of a body part
3 meninges of the brainDura-meter, Pia-meter, Arachnoid
Central Nervous System consists ofBrain and spinal chord
3 sections of the brainstemPons, Midbrain, Medulla Oblangata
List 3 functions of Medulla OblangataControls breathing rate, heart rate and bloodpressure
List 3 types of strokeIschemic Attack, Hemorragic Attack, Transient Ischemic Attack
What are the 3 leading causes of death in the elderlyStroke, heart attack, cancer
Name and describe the 4 stages of epilepsyAura phase-warning....Tonic Phase-muscle constriction, Clonic Phase-muscle relaxation, Post Ictal Phase-time from which muscle contraction stops until pt regains full consciuosness
What does TIA stand for and explain conditionTransient Ischemic Attack, Signs & Symptoms of a stroke, but they go away in 24 hours