Review Sheet for Test 3-5

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Section 1

Question Answer
A free settler or the sponsor of immigrants could receive 50 acres of land per person called a ________.headright
Most immigrants to __________ during the 1620s came from cities not from rural areas.Virginia
__________ granted religious toleration early on because it was founded as a Catholic haven, but the majority of settlers were ___________.Maryland; Protestants
Local unrest in the ____________ colonies led to rebellions because of diminishing economic opportunity for the ordinary person.Chesapeake
British authorities based their Navigation Acts on the economic theory of _____________.Mercantilism
_____________ were laws passed by Parliament to give the British major control of Colonial trade.Navigation Acts
____________ colonial leaders never taxed their own products for any reason.Chesapeake
The rise of ______ usage in the latter 17th century had nothing to do with whites becoming more accepting of blacks.Slave
Both the ________ colonies and __________ followed a progress of violence and high death rate moving to relative stability.Chesapeake; Carolinas
The English _________ colonies had the most influence on the mainland colony of Carolina.Caribbean

Section 2

Question Answer
In the __________ exchange food was a major item of exchange.Columbian
All the ___________ colonies practiced significant class consciousness and wealth was unevenly distributed.Southern
A desire to convert _________ to Christianity had NO place in the large migration of Puritans to New England.Indians
The ___________ was an agreement to establish a government which all would abide by.Mayflower Compact
Puritans wanted their ___________ to be an example to the world thus they called it a "City on a hill".Massachusetts Bay Colony
In differentiating between Puritans (Mass. Bay) and Pilgrims (Plymouth) the ____________ were a more sophisticated and educated group.Puritans
In the ______________ pattern of settlement (new towns nearby built on the same plan) imperial ambitions of the British government played no part.New England
A major difference between the New England settlers and Chesapeake settlers (early ones) was the New Englanders came mainly as _________ and Chesapeake mostly groups; young single men
_____________ was very diverse in every way.New Netherlands
New England Indian tribes had disadvantages in their conflict with whites, but ________ was not one of them.disarmament

Section 3

Question Answer
Parliament did not give any subsidies to ___________ as it developed.Pennsylvania
After ________ and __________ came to England's throne (1689) they tried to extend more control over the colonies by putting teeth into commercial regulations (Navigation Laws).William; Mary
After 1700 England's North American colonies were here to stay with established ____________.patterns of society
Until after 1763, __________ colonies did not absorb any of the Spanish or French colonials.British
In the 18th century, Americans expanded to the west creating new kinds of communities. The main reason was lack of _________ and _________ in older, seaboard; opportunity
There were no __________ towns in 18th century colonial America.mill
__________ ____________ in seaport towns tried to organize and control the commerce of the surrounding region.Successful merchants
Religion beliefs were not part of the _____________.Enlightenment
___________________ was an emotional revivalist religious movement.The Great Awakening
British and American politics had many differences. The colonies all had ___________, (2 house)

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