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what NSAIDS are approved f/pdspediprofen, tolectin, naprosyn, sulindac, trilistate
in a base wedge osteotomy, how are the cuts made?perpendicular ot the weight bearing surface
what is the lapidus procedure1st MT cuneiform fusion
what does the proximal akin procedure correct forDASA
what does the distal AKIN correct forhallux interphalangeal angle
how would u tx a young pt w/DJD w/ hallux limitusany of the jt preserving techniques-bonny & kessel, chilectomy, regnauld, waterman, modified waterman
whats the angle of cut in an austin bunionectomy60 deg
in a modified Mcbride procedure what are you releasing with the lateral releasethe DTIL, adductor tendon, intersesamoid ligament, and lateral capsulotomy
what is the chest compression ratio in CPR?15:2 (with 1 person) 5: 1 (with 2 person)
what position is the ankle jt more stable in?DF
what is suppinatuspositional deformity where the 1st ray is elevated
whats the test for DVThomans test
whats an enlarged p0sterior talus calledsteidas process
name another ligament similar to the extensor hallucis capsularisarticular genu will tense the knee cap
what test should you order to determine btw type 1 and type 2 DMthe peptide C or protein C test
do 2 250mg Augmentin tablets equal one 500mg tablet?no, clavulanic acid contains 125mg dosage in both forms
what drug reverse the effects of heparinprotamine sulfate
what is trental(phentoxyphyline)circulatory agent that increases RBC flexibility and activiates WBCs
what drug reverses the effect of epinepherinephentolamine(regitine)
IV dose of vancomycin1g q12hrs IV
what is longer acting, Kenalog or Decadronkenalog
what drug would you use for a pt that produces too much uric acidallopurinol
why do NSAIDs predispose pts to gastric ulcersthey inhibit the prostaglandin synthesis
what is vicryl? how is it metabolized?polygalactin 910..hydrolysis
when do you measure peaks and troughslevels drawn after 3rd dose...peak drawn immed folllowing an IV dose and trough drawn 30 min prior to next dose
how do u adjust a pts peakchanging dosages or changing dosing intervals
What is the mechanism of action of cephalosporins?-• interfere w/cell wall synth by interacting w/the PEP on the cell wall or.memb.
Which cephalosporin has the longest 1/2 life?- rocephin (ceftriaxone)
Name two Amides and two Esters?- Amides- etidocaine(durarest) lidocaine (xylocaine), marcaine (sensorcaine), prilocaine. -Esters- cocaine, procaine (novacaine), chloroprocaine (nesacaine), tetracaine
what is the usual pressure for tourniquet use?250 mmHg
How are Sutures absorbed in the body?hydrolysis
What tendon is involved in the Kidner Procedure?the P.T.tendon
What is the last step in correcting a clubfoot?steps 1) FF Adduction 2) RF INVERSION 3) RF Equinus
What incision is used to correct an adductovarus 5th digit?2 semi-elliptical incisions
In removing a 1st met-cuneiform exostosis, what vascular structure could you damage?dorsalis pedis artery
•Which biopsy would you use for a malignant melanoma?excisional biopsy < lcm.
What nerve is involved in Morton's Neuroma? .3rd common digital branch of the medial plantar nerve.
PT. presents with an abducted 3rd digit, which muscle was damaged?the 1st plantar inte.rosseous muscle
What's the Lepird procedure and what is it used for?used for Met Adductus
Vasoconstrictors are added to local anesthetics for what reason?decreases systemic absorption and prolong duration of action
What is the most toxic effect of an aceteominophen overuse?hepatotoxicity
What drug reverses the effect of acetaminophen toxicity?acetylcystine
What is the oral drug of choice for pseudomonas?• 'ciro
What makes up Augrnentin?Clavulanic add and amoxicillin