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__________________ was a fine secretary of state, who's greatest acheivement was convincing President Monroe to create the Monroe DoctorineJohn Quincy Adams
The Hartford Convention killed off ______________the Federalist Party
International improvements of this period were usually ways of transportation: ____________________canals, roads, and later railroads
the 4 years after War of 1812 were called ______________ because there was only 1 political party"Era of Good Feeling"
The same era was a period of intense nationalism. One way this was expressed was ______________ and ____________2nd US Bank, protective tariff
______________________ to the missouri compromise proposed that there be no more slaves brought into mizzou the Talmadge Admendment
One intention of the missouri compromise was to create the final decision to the question of slavery in the________________Louisiana Territory
Lots of ordinary people hated the ________________ because it was considered to be responsible for speculation and local bank failures2nd US bank
This was an era of expanded democracy , some examples of this were shown by_______________________Most white men could vote, political parties were good, presidential nominating conventions
The Adam Onis or _____________ had nothing to do with the northern border of US and CanadaTranscontinental Treaty
The clearest explanation of the theory of nullification was the _______________________South Carolina exposition and protest
The prevalent attitude that Indians were uncivilized savages was shared by _______________Andrew Jackson
________________ becoming president when Harrison died was the ____ time a VP rose to power.Tyler, 1st
_____________ was unable to do much during his Presidency because of the deep depressionMartin Van Buren
______________ offended the party that elected him and was thrown out. Making it a failurePresident Tyler
The ____________ was the process in which successful candidates gave their friends Government jobs, and began during jacksons presidency Spoils System
Jackson believed a presidential nessecity was to insure the __________ supremacy over statesNational
____________ was the issue leading to nullification crisis Tariff
The Bank of the US was _____________ not harmfuluseful
Jackson's ______________ took Nat'l Gov't surplus money and distributed it to the states in loansDistribution Act
Jacksons Specie circular did not help ___________Van Buren
The March 1933 Tariff act was not nullified by ____________South Carolina
_______________ American system was a plan to make the country more self suffcient Clay's
__________________ growth in the 1840s-50s was funded by state and private investorsRailroad
The war of 1812 caused industrial growth in the USTRUE
_________________ made no changes in the number of justices on the supreme courtCheif justice john marshall
Because no one got a majority in the electoral college in _______, the House had to decide then president1824
An important aspect of alave cultures was to create a greater sense of racial dignity through __________________Christianity
During the first half of the 19th century there was a great proliferation of reform. _________________ had nothing to do with this growthCivil War

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