Review Exam 3 (ex. Phys)

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Question Answer
the major causes of death in the US are infectious diseasesfalse
the leading actual cause of death in the US isheart disease
Atherosclerosis is the leading contributor to heart attack and stroke death.true
A(n) _____ model can be used to identify factors that are associated with the development of a chronic diseaseweb of causation
the strength of association between a risk factor and the development of a disease is calledrelative risk
in the metabolic syndrome abdominal obesity is linked all of the above
currently 332.3 % of men are classified as obese and 68% are overweighttrue
the relative risk of CHD due to physical inactivity is higher than that of a cigarettefalse?
which of the following is an example of an environmental risk factorsocioeconomic status
which of the following risk factors for coronary heart disease cannot be changedheredity
which of the following is not a way epidemiology is used to control health problemto evaluate an intervention
which of the following is not among the criteria for the metabolic syndrome muscle fiber type
if a 30 yr old man checked yescontact physician for permission to test
the basis for the running field test for eliminating V02 max is that there is a liner relationship between running speed and oxygen update
a sign of Ischemia measured on the ECG during a graded exercise test isa depression of the ST segment
which of the following is not a criterion for having achieved v02 max during a graded excersise testachieving 85% of the max HR
the highest v02 max value is usually measured during agraded treadmill run test to exhaustion
a plateau in v02 is necesarry to be sure a true vow max is measuredfalse
vo2 max in 40 yr old man drawing a lineaccurate because
the bruce protocol is a ____ graded excersise test protocoltreadmill
the GXT for a sedentary subject should progress at___ per stage2-3 mets
the ymca uses a flowchart to plot the course of a GXT. Which of the following is trueit is better to move through stages quickly so that the test dosent last to long
the YMCA cycle protocol starts at 300kpm (1.0kp) for all subjectsfalse
the type of graded excersise test that is most conductive for individuals to complete at home...a step test
angia pectoris is a _____ myocardial ischemiasymptom of
a sphygnmo.. maybe used during a cycling test to determineblood pressure
which of the following classifications is app. for a 50 yr old men with one risk factor low risk
during a graded ex. test the HR does not increase and the systolic BP drops 12mm/Hgthe test should be stopped
which of the following field test is used for childrenFITNESSGRAM
the majority of diabetics are classified as having Type 2 diabetestrue
if a type 1 diabetic engages in excersise while the blood glucose is to high the ex. will cause concentration to highertrue
the dawn effect usually occurs during4-8 am
a condition that is regarded as a contributing cause of Type 2 diabetes is obesity
an asthma attack that is brought on by excersise can be prevented bytaking proper meds prior to exercise
patients with COPD have a lower tolerance for exercise then do cardiac patients true
which of the following is correct height of the step used in the lab for the v0213 in
elderly people show little or no adaptation to strength and endurance training false
exercise is not recommended for most pregnat women because it puts an additionial strain on the fetusfalse
exercise training in elderly people should include all of the following exceptall of the above
which of the following concerning diabetes is NOT TRUE those with the disease cannot benifit significantly from exercise
hypertension is defined as a systolic pressure at least 140 90
what is a healthy glucose fasting range in a normal individual70-99
by definition if an individual has a glucose reading of 126 mg/dl true
a person would be considered to be pre-diabetic if his or herfasting glucose levels value 100-126
ketosis is a condition of acidosis resulting fromexcessive fat metabolism
which of the following would be used to treat an asthma attackbeta receptor antagonist
which of the following equations is the correct vo2 step equation for men