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What is Retromer composed ofA trimeric cor of VpS proteins w/ bing a SNX dimer
How do mamm and yeast retromers differCore Conserved but increased number of SNXs required
What was retromer first linked to (disease)Alziehmers Vps35/26 deficiencies and Sorl1 -
How can B secretase be modulatedGenetically or pharmocologically to diver flux
How does Vsp26 recog Sorl1Via a FANSHY motif variation in this seq ass with AD predisposition
How does R55 stabilise?Effective denaturing temperature elevated by 10ยบ in vitro according to differential scanning flourometry
how is folding of visulaised?Flourescent dyes which bind hydrophobic amino acids and are activated. Exposure ass with unfolding
Which part of retromer seeking to stabilisevps35

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