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Question Answer
CRVO RF?HTN, DM for ischemic type, CVD for ischemic, glaucoma, (NOT BMI)
Glaucoma is an RF for what kind of vein occlusion?all types
Causes of crystalline retinopathy?tamoxifen, nitrofurantoin, methoxyflurane, talc, canthaxanthanine, antifreeze.
What is gyrate atrophy?paving stone areas of stuff to forma scalloped border, OAT gene mutation
Elevated ornithine in what? How to treat? gene?gyrate atrophy, dietary arginine restriction, vitamin B6 supplementation…OAT gene
Difference between typical and reticular retinoschisis?typical is outerplexiform, reticular is nerve fiber layer… reticular can extend posteriorly.
TORN?typically outer plexifrm, reticular Nerve fiber layer retinoschisis
sunflower cataract in what?chalcosis
CRUISE study showed what?CRVO-associated macular edema should be treated with monthly ranibizumab for 6 months
GENEVA study showed what?BRVO and CRVO macula edema can bet treated with implantable Osurdex
BRAVO study showed what? BRVO-associated macular edema tx with 6 month IVL was smart idea wow!
RF for candidal enophthalmitis?prolonged indwelling catheters, IVDA, chronic antibiotic use, hyperalimentation, recent abd surgery, Diabetttttuhhs.
Tx of candidal endogenous endophthalmitis?oral fluc/voric if no vitreous seeding. if vitreal seeding needs intravitreal voriconazole/ampho +/- PPV AND oral vori/fluc
BVOS said to wait before doing laser… but we dont do that now that we have VEGF OKAY.OKAY
Bartonella HENSELA in HENLE’s layerYAY! outer plexiform
Define fovea histologically.Area of depression in inner retinal surface where photoreceptor layer consists entirely of cones
Best disease inheritance? Gene?AD, BEST1/VMD2… encodes bestrophin (membrane chloride channel in RPE basolaterally)
ERG in Best disease?Abnormal, Arden ratio < 1.5
Pattern dystrophy gene? Other associations of that gene?RDS (others are adult onset vitelliform, central areolar
Stargardts gene?ABCA4
Sorsby Macular Dystrophy gene?TIMP3
Low IOP and extension from ora serrata to disc are signs of what RD?rhegmatogenous
Convace borders and surfaces are signs of what kind of RD?tractional
Diffuse unilateral subacute neuroretinitis, what is it? Tx?subretinal nematode causing decreased vision, vitritis, disc edema, and retinal hypopigmentation with bone spicules chronically. Nematode is ancylostoma canium in SE or baysilascaris in midwest.
Epidemiology/Etiology of DUSN?Southeast US/Caribbean – Ancylostoma Canium..midwest – Baylisascaris procyonis in raccoons.
A wave is something, b wave corresponds to what on ERG?middle retina layers bipolar and muller cells
Multiple CHRP is a sign of what?FAP get colo
Focal and grid laser parameters?50 – 100 micron spot size /0.1 sec or less duration >= 1 burn width apart.
Where do you hit MAs for focal laser?any MA between 3000 microns and 500 micron from fovea
Where do you hit grid laser?all areas of diffuse leakage > 500 micron from fovea and 500 micron temporal to disc.
Birdshot has what vitreal involvement?vitritis
ANCHOR showed what?classic CNVM responds to IVL
VMD2 in what?Best
Juvenile onset glaucoma gene?TIGR MYOC
pattern dystrophies gene?RDS
¾ of genetic risk of AMD is from what gene?HTRA1 alternative complement pathway and LOC 387715
ABCDA4 in what?AMD stargardt
a llergy to what is bad for ICG?shellfish and iodide
contraindications to ICG?metformin and liver disease (ask patients to stop metformin 1-2 days pre-procedure)