Rethorical term

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anagramrearranging the letters of a word or an expression in order to form another word or expression
anaphorathe repetition of a word or words at the beginning of a line or sentence
anthithesisconstrasting words,expressions or ideas in parallel structures
apostropheaddressinf an absent person,concept or object as if it were present and alive
chiasmusa mirror inversion of terms
euphemismthe use of a vague or pleasant expression to avoid mentioning something unpleasant or that might offend
hyperboleexaggeration to obtain a comic or dramatic effect
litotes,under statementdenying the contarry,so that you say something in a more indirect way.It can be less offensive
oxymoronthe juxtaposition of contradictory terms
palindromea word,expression,or sentence wich reads the same way backwards and forwards
paradoxa statement wich seems contradictory but turns out to be true
personificationgiving human qualities to abstractions or objects
puna word used in such a way that is similarity to another word is evoked

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