Restorative Art Review

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Section 1

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zygomatic process is a feature of what bone?temporal
large muscle that covers the superior and lateral sides of the cranium from the occipital bone to the eyebrowsoccipitofrontalis
crevice in the skin accompanied by adjacent elevationsfurrow
vertex of the cranium and the base of the chin are examples of imaginary horizontal lines
best geometric form of the headoval

Section 2

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why is the 3/4 view photograph for restorative purposes valuablereveals the degree and fullness of the cheek
one of the most basic form of linear facial profilesvertical
comparison of two sides of the face to observe the similarities and difference isbilateral
method of softening wax to alter the wax consistency for restorative art purposesmixing with cream cosmetics
features involved with positioning of the earzygomatic arch, mandibular fossa, and external auditory meatus

Section 3

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eyelids in a natural repose should be abutted, not overlapped
use of an oxidizing chemical to remove stain or discolorationbleaching
original scientific standard of colorthe spectrum
pigment of cosmetics necessary to match all skin colorsyellow
accurate means of facial restoration can be established byphotograph, classic propertions, mathematical equations

Section 4

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width of the face is proportionally equal to the distance between the base of the nose and normal hairline
which substance is best at removing nicotine stains from fingerslemon juice
hue sequnce of pink, rose, cherry, is indicative of red that has been shaded
characterisitc of 1st degree burnsredness (no blistering)
tiny prominence on the midline of the superior mucous membrane isthe medial lobe

Section 5

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determinative pigment of all races melanin
where are complementary hues found on the color wheel opposite each other
if an individuals hand is mutilated or missing, it may be restored bymaking a plaster cast
bets method for repairing a dehydrated handhypodermic injection of tissue builder
what does the method of affixing hair depend onlength

Section 6

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major and minor restoration can be described as legally mutilation
general procedure for effective hypodermic tissue buildingdirecting needle to the most distant point
recommended procedure for restoring a traumitized or missing forearmreattach by drilling through bones and wiring
most hazardous chemical to mix with bleachammonia
protruding eye would most likely require aspiration of the cranium

Section 7

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how to correct eyelids that are separated stretching and gluing
cosmetizing and abrasion before waxingcovers the darkened abarasion
what does a "cavity pack" dodehydrate and bleach tissues
why is scab removal recommendedwaxing over a scab can destroy normal skin contours
when should a cancerous area be excisedafter embalming

Section 8

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desquamtion may be treated byskin removal
when injecting tissue builderthe builder should be injected as the needle is slowly being withdrawn
surface restrorer wax is primarily used for minor integumentary restorations
supercillium is a term associated with what structurethe eye
if one hue has a complemenatry color scheme of orange, what is th eother colorblue

Section 9

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what is the location of the superior border of the chin when measure from the eyebrows to the base of the chinone-sixth
which part of the face do the lips meetlower one-third
concave dip inferior to the glabellaroot of the nose
branches of the inner rim of the earcrura
furrow originating beneath the jaw line and rising vertically on the cheekmandibular sulcus

Section 10

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what can be used as support for the lips when part or all the teeth are missingcotton or mouth former
width of the face if the eye measures one inch from inner to outer canthusfive inches
forehead that recedes from eyebrows to the hairline and a chin that protrudes more than the upper lipconvex-concave
furrow originates at the superior margin of the nasal wing and extends to the approximate level of the line of mouth closurenasolabial sulcus
which nose structure is considered commonly responsible for creating asymmetry in the halves of the nosethe nasal septum
head shape from frontal view that is usually broad, possesses little curvature, and whose vertical mesaurement equals its transverse measurementsquare

Section 11

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restoring wrinkled eyelidswax over them followed by cosmetics
when treating a sunken temporal region, tissue builder is best injected through which pointbehind the top of the ear
natural variation of basic comlexion coloring red
which facial marking creates fullness in the anterior cheeksnasolabial fold
if a small amount of blue is mized with a large amount of orange, the resultig mixture is tertiary blue

Section 12

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which nasal profile has a hump along its anterior ridgeroman
acquired facial markingtransverse frontal sulci
which of the following may be used to sear tissuephenol
tyoe of suture would be best to close a bullet holepurse string suture
wht pigment is best used to treat warm areas of the facered

Section 13

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natural shadow area of the afcelateral walls of the nose
term describes sunken area of the faceemciation
short, broad, flattened noseplatyrrhine
which muscles by action, produce furrows between the eyebrowscorrugators and procerus
"head" of the quadrates labii superioriscommon elevator and levator labii superioris
muscles of masticationmasseter, temporalis, an perytoids

Section 14

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care of the deceased to recreate natural form and colorrestorative art
measurement of one eye is 1.5 inches, what would the measurement be of the face7.5 inches
what is a precaution while using an electric spatulakeeping the skin liberally creamed
instant bond adhesives are best forsmall incisions
what can arterial dyes result in blotching
need for a cosmetic undercoat in treating 2nd degree burns is darkness of the discoloration

Section 15

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what does undercutting an excision dohold wax in place
which type of suture can be used for an exposed areaintradermal
support or framework used in restorative treatments is calledarmature
which technique is suggested for all short hairline restorationswaxing
which frontal view of the head is described as infantineround