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Restaurant Example



This is an example of a page a restaurant may create to help train their waiting staff. Click the "start memorizing" buttons under each table.


Memorize the current specials and brief descriptions of each. The orange words are key phrases to remember.


Question Answer
4 Dinner specialsChicken Malagalo, Pasta Briani, Tornadoes of Beef, Oysters
Chicken MalagaloBroiled chicken breast with sun-ripened tomatoes and a garlic sauce, $10.99
Pasta BrianiPenne pasta with a white sauce and mashed potatos, $10.99
Tornadoes of BeefUSDA Prime beef with mild brown sauce, and asparagus, $14.99
OystersAtlantic coast oysters with spinach, topped with Hollandaise, $15.99
3 Drink specials$4.50 Martini, $4 Manhattan, $4 Margarita

Restaurant Layout



Question Answer
AFirst Aid Kit
BFire Extinguisher
CSection 1 (tables 1-6)
DSection 2 (tables 7-10)
ESection 3 (tables 11-15)
FSection 4 (tables 16-20)
GSection 5 (tables 21-25)

Important things to know

Items to recommend | Prime Rib, Salmon, Crab Legs
Question Answer
Shift 18am-3pm
Shift 23pm-11pm
Valet charge$4.00
Emergency policyNotify shift manager, they will call 911
Hand-washing policyWash after: using restroom, blowing nose, shaking hands


Remember the appetizers in groups.


Question Answer
4 Groups of appetizersDeep Fried, Dips, Seafood, Chicken
Deep-friedOnion Rings, Chili Fries, Cheese Sticks
DipsSpinach and Cheese, Queso
SeafoodShrimp Cocktail, Oysters
SticksChicken Skewers, Shish Kabob

Wine List

Remember the wine list by the 4 groups


Question Answer
4 Wine groupsCabernet (Sauvignon), Merlot, Pino (Noir), Chardonnay
CabernetGhost Pines (06), Leese-Fitch (06), Louis Martini (05)
MerlotCanyon Road (06), Covey Run (07), Red Rock Merlot (06)
PinoConcannon (06), MacMurray Ranch (06)
ChardonnayStone Creek (08), Kenwood (09), R.H. Phillips (08), Hess "Select" (08)
Wines to recommendLouis Martini Cabernet (with red meat), Kenwood Chardonnay

Beer List

Remember the beer list by the 4 groups


Question Answer
4 Beer goupsDomestic draft, Domestic bottled, Imported draft, Imported bottled
Domestic draftBud Light, Bud, Icehouse, PBR, Natural Light
Domestic bottledCoors, MGD, Rolling Rock
Imported draftBass, Corona, Heineken, Labatt
Imported bottledDos Equis, Newcastle, Sapporo, Stella Artois


Question Answer
Store HoursMon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 11am-10pm
Dinner hours3pm-10pm
Lunch hours11am-3pm
Happy hour5pm-6:30pm
Breakfast hours8am-11am

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