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Question Answer
Sleep ApneaSkin Asst (Nail Color/Refill/Curvature*Ck staining of teeth*Nasal Polysp)
Sleep Apnea Resp Asst (Auscultate 8pts@ scapula or Anterorily*No Adv Sounds r/t Smoking Hx)
Sleep Apnea AbdCk for Abd breathing/swelling*Measure Girth*Asses Peripherals for Edema
Community Aquired PneumoniaSkin Asst (Nail Color/Refill/Curv*rash/dehydration*Neck Stiffness r/o Meng)
Community Aquired Pneumonia RespCrackling/Bubbling (rales/Dull thuds/pleural rub/wheezing/E-A/Absent Br Ss
Community Aquired Pneumonia Cardio Auscultate PMI/tachy rhtym**Abd=pain/guarding/nausea?/swollen jts/aches
Suspect EmphysemaBarrel Chest/Decr Br Ss/Wheezing/Crackles/longer to exhale/inc sentences
Suspect Emphysema CardioJVD r/t Cor Pulmonale/PMI-tachy/Abd Palp@RUQ Hepatmegolany r/t RHF
Suspect Emphysema PeripheralCyanosis @ digits? Swelling, clubbing? swelling @legs or Abdomen?
Asthma (Skin Ck rashes/rub birthmarks to see if they change)Ear Exam/Eye/Mouth gums/teeth oral hygiene/Neck lymph nodes
Asthma Cardio=Abnoral RhtyhmResp=Inspect Chest: shape, IC Rtx, Sym
Asthma RespDeep Breaths/Blow out/ Tap Chest/compare sounds
Asthma GIPain/tenderness/Splemegaly or Heptamegalony masses, Ck Bowel Sounds