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Question Answer
ResonanceIn lungs over air filled cavities
hyperresonanceIn lungs of small children or adults w/ emphysema or pneumothorax
TympanyAir filled body parts like bowel or stomach
DullnessOver high density structure like the liver or fluid or mass in lungs
Flatnessheard over solid masses like bone or muscle
Which chemoreceptor can change breathing rate?Peripheral chemoreceptors
What is the difference between O2 and PaO2?PaO2 is only read through ABG blood draw. The partial pressure of O2 (PAO2) is the pressure exerted by O2 on the arterial walls while saturation of O2 (SAO2) is the overall percentage of hemoglobin binding sites occupied by O2.
What are 5 things to educate the pt on what to expect with V/Q & gallium scans?1. Iv access req 2. NPO not neccessary 3. Gallium scan sometimes req an enema to decrease GI uptake 4. Empty bladder 5. Encourage fluid intake post- procedure to eliminate radioisotopes in urine.
What is tidal volume and residual volume?Tidal volume is the amount of air with each breath. Residual volume is the amount of air left in the lungs after forced expiration.
How can you fix respiratory acidosis?Bronchodialators, ET tube, BiPAP and CPAP
How can you fix respiratory alkalosis?Breathe into bag
How can you fix metabolic acidosis?calcium carbonate TUMS
How can you fix metabolic alkalosis in NG tube pt?Infusion of isotonic sodium chloride solution
What can cause oxygen toxicity?When too high FiO2 (>50%) is administered for an extended time (>48h).
What is the mnemonic for the oxygen equipment?Cause simple oxygen Needs Vents
If PE is suspected, what test does the patient have done first?CT
What lab do you monitor for a patient on heparin and what is the anecdote?PTT & PT anecdote is protamine sulfate
What lab do you monitor for a patient on coumadin and what is the anecdote?PT and INR anecdote is vitamin K
What is a normal INR and PTT value?PTT 25-35 INR of 1 or below is normal. 2- 3 range for people on warfarin
What is the treatment of pulmonary htn?Calcium channel blockers, diuretics, and poss transplant
What medications do you take for TB and for how long, monitor what labs?INH 6 months and Rifampin for 4 months. ALT & AST and renal function

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