Respiratory System

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Question Answer
Respiratory musclesInspiration and respiration
Inspiration/respiration musclesPrimary and secondary
Primary inspiration musclesDiaphragm, external and internal intercostals
Secondary inspiration musclesAssist with additional air intake; ventral thorax, dorsal thorax, neck
Primary expiration musclesFour pairs of abdominal wall muscles
Secondary expiration musclesAssist expiration by depressing ribs; 7 pairs in thorax, 1 pair in abdomen
Respiratory innervation23 spinal nerves; diaphragm - phrenic nerve, intercostal nerves, abdominals
DiaphragmSeparates thorax and abdomen; 2 domes, 3 holes
Function of diaphragmContracts to enlarge thoracic cavity and reduce intrathoracic pressure - lung expansion
Origin of diaphragmSternal, lowest ribs, lumbar
External and internal intercostal muscles11 pairs; externals at vertebra, internals at sternum
Ventral thorax4 pairs; assist movement of arm and shoulder
Dorsal thorax6 pairs; stabilise/elevate posterior ribcage and elevate some ribs
Neck4 pairs; elevate first two ribs; sternum, clavicle
Abdominal wall muscles (primary expiration)3 pairs laterally (pull lower ribs down, compress some walls of abdomen); 1 pair ventrally (pulls down on sternum and ribs, compresses anterior wall)