Respiratory System

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Question Answer
What structure is below and above the Thyroid Cartilage?Above is the Hyoid bone and below is the Cricoid cartilage
What strcuture can you find behind the trachea ?Esophagus
What are the tubes passing into the lungs called? Bronchi
What are the trachea and Bronchi patent by ? and where is this strcture derived from?Cartilagenous rings, derived from neural crest/ visceral arches
What is the prupsoe of the Epiglotis ?It prevents food from going into the Trachea and directs it to the Esophagus, also has some taste buds
What is the mouth Cavity called?Oropharynx
What is the nose cavity called?Nasopharynx
What is the first kinked segement of the stomach called ? Duodneum