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brassy cough, inspiratory stridorlaryngotracheobronchitis
laryngotracheobronchitis akacroup
age 2-6 years high fever, drools, tripod positionepiglottis
rarely bacterial, Influenza A, adnovirus and RSV most commoncroup
racemic epihas rebound effect
prenisone or prednisolone for croupshort half life 1 mg/kg/day BID
high fever with croup and shift to leftstart augmentin need beta-lactamase
COOL humidifiercroup
oral decongestantsage 4 and older and ONLY for allergic rhinitis
Neonsynephrinedecongestant only use for 3 days d/t rebound effect, few studies show benefits under age of 12

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Question Answer
large airways: trachea and large medium bronchibronchitis
cough below 3 weeksacute bronchitis
cough above 3 weeks productivechronic bronchitis
procedes a URI: inlfuenza, RSV, adenovirusbronchitis
dry, hacking cough, unproductivebronchitis
inital cough dry harsh and brasybronchitis
later cough productivebronchitis
coarse breath sounds, rhonci changing with ralesbronchitis
inflammation of large airwaysbronchitis
obstruction of lower respiratory tractbronchiolitis
causes inflammation, edema, necrosis of small bronchiolesbronchiolitis
bronchospasms, inceased mucous productionbronchiolitis
primarly in infancybronchiolitis
leading cause of hospital stay for infantsRSV/bronchiolitis
noisy breathing, raspy, audible wheezing, mod temp 102, apneabronchiolitis
coryza, crackles, tachypneabronchiolitis
not indicated for bronchiolitis or bronchitisCXR
palpable liver and spleen d/t hyperinflanted lungsbronchiolitis
supportive, hydration/antipyretics, 02 monitorbronchiolitis
no cough suppresents or bronchodilatorsbronchitis
acute inflammation of parenchyma of lungpneumonia
70-80% viral, 10-20% bacterialpneumonia
under 5 years old cause for pneumoniastrep pneumonia and H. Influenza
above 5 years old pneumoniagroup A streptococcus, mycoplasma pneumonia, staph
neonate pneumoniagroup B strep, e. coli, staph
2-12 weeks of age pneumoniachlamydia
RSV most common viral cause ofpneumonia
age 2-6 years when most commonepiglottis
crackles on inspiration or decreased BSpneumonia
dullness with percussion (think filled with something)pneumonia
RR increases 4 BPM and HR increases 10 BPM for everyone degree of F increase in temp
acute onset suggestsbacterial pneumonia
may not show anything on CXR in early diseasepneumonia
patchy infiltrates, atelectasis, pleurel effusionpneumonia
no f/u CXR before this time, can take up to 3 months to clear on CXR8 weeks
increase WBCs with left shiftbacterial pneumonia
increased lymphocytes and atypical lymphocytesviral pneumonia
moderate eosinophiliaC. Trichomatis
mycoplasma antibody titer if suspecting mycoplasma pneumoniacold aggulation
first line rx under 5 pneumoniaamoxicillin
first line rx over 5 pneumoniazithromax
teach parents of s/s of EARLY repsiratory distress #1 thing with thispneumonia
provides effective microbial protection against atypical pathogen clarithromycin

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