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Components of lower/upper airwaysnose,pharynx,larynx,trachea
function of nosesmell,air enters
mucushelps humidify air, keep things moist
ciliastarts in nose ends at lungs, helps you cough
pharynxairways needed for coduction of air
larynxholds vocal chords
tracheaconnects pharynx and larynx
Plueramembrane surrounding lungs
Lungsprimary organs of respiration in humans
Bronchimain passage to lungs, upper portion of lungs
bronchiolesminute branches in which bronchi is divided
alveolitiny sacs in lungs that allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to move between lungs and bloodstream
breathingmoves air in and out of lungs
tuberculosisdisease caused by bacterium called mycobacterium, scars lungs
pneumoniabreathing germs into your lungs, hard for lungs to fight infection. fills lungs with fluid
asthmainflammation of lungs, narrows breathways bronchial tubes
lung cancerfrom smoking, leads to overproduction of mucus,paralysis cilia
emphysemadamages walls of alveoli of the lungs
tarstains lungs, penetrates deeper
carbon monoxidemakes blood thincker, less oxygen reaches brain
nicotineheart rate raises, higher blood pressure,
second hand smokingmore frequent/severe asthma attacks,respiratory infections, ear infections, SIDS

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