Respiratory Acidosis

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Question Answer
What is it? Excess of dissolved carbon dioxide
Values Ph less than 7.35, PACO2 greater than 45
Assessment acute Rapid rise in PACO2, HA, blurred vision, elevated pulse, irritability, changes in consciousness
Assessment chronic Weakness, dull HA, impaired memory, sleep disturbances w/ daytime sleepiness, personality changes
Diagnostic testing ABG, Chest x-ray, sputum culture
Diagnosing Impaired gas exchange, ineffective airway clearance, anxiety, risk for injury
Planning Goal: restore or maintain normal body balance
Interventions Pt. Sit up, administer 02, pursed lip breathing, reposition and encourage ambulation, increase fluid intake, chest percussion, treat anxiety
Pharm Bronchodilators (albuterol, duo nebulizers, antibiotics (zosyn), anti-anxiety
Nurses role Monitor client condition, Analyze ABG report, assess symptoms related to acidosis, assess causative factors