Respiratory 2

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How long before the pulmonary test should the pt not use a bronchodialator?4 hours
Long acting bronchodilators contain what and what is the therapeutic level?theophylline. 10-20 mcg/ml
What are 6 nursing managements for patients with cystic fibrosis?1 Antibiotics for infections 2. Bronchodilators. 3. Pancreatic enzymes to help absorb nutrients 4. exercise (caution not to overheat) 5. Chest physiotherapy 1-4x/day fore 15-20 min 6. Avoid giving cough suppressants. (pt need to cough as much as possible)
What is the treatment for pleurisy?TCDB, spirometer, NSAIDS
What type of precaution should be used with TB?airborn precautions- N95 mask and gloves, Neg pressure room
How soon do symptoms appear after you get TB?2-10 weeks
What side do you position the pt after thoracic surgery?ON operated side, semi fowlers, exercise arm on affected side

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