Resp Conditions NPLEX II

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Question Answer
small cell/oat carccentral LG ca secreting ADH/ACTH
Squamous cell carcLG CA secreting PTH-related peptide
AdenocarcinomaWeakest assox w cigs LG CA, peripheral
mesothelioma90% after asbestos esp, highly mal, pleura, mets uncommon, survival <1 year
pancoast tumorhorner's syndrome, severe shoulder pain, atrophy hand and arm mm, CT scan/MRI needed


Question Answer
blastomycosisflulike w weight loss, nonproductive cough, chest pain, resolves within days, maybe sputum/hemoptysis, yest cells, consolidation, can disseminate
coccidiodomycosisfever, arthralgias, erythema nodosum, chest pain. 7-28 incubation, after rainstorm, immunocompromised, preg, DM, filipino.
histoplasmosiseastern great lakes, ohio, MS, MO, bird/bat feces soil. 90% asymptomatic, flu-like, chills, abd pain, maybe no cough. usually self-limiting, sx after 3-14 d., can detect urinary antigen
LG abscessfever, cough, sputum, night sweats, anorexia, weight loss, foul sputum, may have gingival dz, course inspiratory crackles and bronchial sounds, absent sounds
ARDShypoxic. has fibrotic changes >7 days, most recover, some req' long tx O2, increase in PCO2. CXR usually sufficient imaging. 30-40% mortality dt complications
Empyemahx pneumonia, trauma, surgery, esophageal rupture. fever, pleuritic chest pain, SOB. elevated temperature (not greater than 102°F), tachypnea, rales, rhonchi, egophany, decreased breath sounds, dullness to percussion.. send to ER, o2 tx
Pleural effusionblunting of the costophrenic angle on CXR, broncial breathing and egophany at upper leve, friction rub. cz: TB, infarction, pneum, mets, trauma, CHF, nephrotic syndrome, PE
Pneumoconiosisinterstitial fibrosis


Question Answer
asbestosisaft 10 yr exposure, no tx. crackles @ base lg, SOB on exertion, paroxysmal, non-productive cough. XR low lobes phlaques/calcification
silicosisminors, sand/quary/highway. 20 yrs, complication TB. SOB, cough, wheezing. Upper lobes -> masses "egg shell calcifacation of hilar nodes
coal worker's pneumupper lobe nodular opacities. may have cough/sputum.
bronchopneumoniapatchy consolidation, low lobes/right middle
lobar pneumonialobular consolidation, complications of abscess/empyema/sepsis
pneumothoraxtachypnea, tachycardia, pleuritic chest pain and dyspnea, dim chest expansion on ipselateral side, XR
pneumothorax ERsevere distress, tracheal dev to CL side, hypotension, distended neck vv. admin 100% o2 and send to ER
peimmobile or fam nephrotic syndrome can cz hypercoaguable state, obesity, CHF. SOB and pleuritic chest pain. Sent to ER, pulm angiogram is gold standard.
sarcoidosiscd4 helper Ts cause non-caseating granulomas, dyspnea mc sx, cough, fever. enlarged salivary/lacrimal glands, EN, arthralgia, granulomas in bm, spleen. leukopenia, eos, ESR. increased ACE. nodular opacities XR. Slit-lamp eye for uveitis. Bx lg lymph nodes. spontaneous rec'v in 2 yrs