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What is the relationship between statistical signifance and sample size? An adequate sample size will support a stastically significant relationship and an inadequate sample size will undermine one
Steps in developing a data plan1. develop step by step data procedures (how will data be collected, sequence of collection, and write down the procedure).
2. Determine the time required.
3. Determine staging of various activities
4. who will collect the data and how will they be trained
5. design data collection forms.
Indentify and define the three basic components of Donabedians classic conceptual framework for assessing health care quailtyStructure- a feature of healthcare organization or clinician related to the capacity to provide high-quality health care. Is supported by evidence that an assoc. exists b/w the measure and one of he other clinical quality measure domains. Can focus on either healthcare org or individual clinicians.

Process- A process of care is a health care related activity performed for/on behalf of or by pt. Measures are supported by evidence that the clinical process has led to improved outcomes calculated by pts who do or do not rec've the service/pts eligible for a particular service.

Outcomes- the health state of a patient resulting from healthcare, supported by evidence that the measure has been used to detect the impact of 1 or more clinical interventions. Attributed to antecedent healthcare and should include provisions for risk adjustment.
What is the ANA National database of nursing quality indicators? The nation's largest nursing registry that meets the Centers for Meidcare and Medicaide Services new voluntary reporting requriement for nursing senstivie care.
About the NDNQIA repository for nursing sensitive indicators. only database containiing data collected at the nurseing unit level

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