Research Methods Chp 12.0

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Inputsthe resources, raw materials, clients, and staff that goes into a program
Program Processthe complete treatment or service delivered by the program
OutputsThe services delivered or new products produced by the program process
Outcomesthe impact of the program process on the cases processed
Feedbackinformation about service delivery system outputs, outcomes or operations that can guide program input
Stakeholdersindividuals and groups who have some basis of concern with the program
Needs Assessmenta type of evaluation research that attempts to determine the needs of some population that might be met with a social program
Evaluability Assessment A type of evaluation research conducted to determine whether it is feasible to evaluate a programs effects within the available time and resources
Process EvaluationEvaluation research that investigates the process of service delivery
Impact AnalysisAnalysis of the extent to which a treatment of other service has an effect; also known as summative evaluation
Efficiency AnalysisA type of evaluation research that compares program costs with program effects. It can be either a cost-benifit analysis or a cost-effectiveness analysis
Stakeholder Approachan orientation to evaluation research that expects researchers to be responsive primarily to the people involved with the program (responsive evaluation)
Social Science ApproachAn orientation to evaluation research that expects researchers to emphasize the importance of researchers expertise and maintenance of autonomy from program stakeholders

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