Research Methods Chp 11.0

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1 technique of qualitative data analysisdocumentation of the data and the process of data collection
2. technique of qualitative data analysisOrganization, Categorization, condensation of the data into concepts
3. technique of qualitative data analysisExamination and display of relationships between concepts
4. technique of qualitative data analysisCorroboration/legitimization of conclusions, by evaluating alternative explanations, disconfirming evidence, and searching for negative cases
5. technique of qualitative data analysisReflection on the researchers role
Documentation of qualitative dataData for qualitative studies are often jotted down while in the field or during an interview or text that is written down from audio tapes
Matrixa form on which can be recorded systematically particular features of multiple cases for instances that a qualitative data analyst needs to examine
Examination and Display of Relationshipsis a big part of the analytic prices, move from simple descriptions of people and setting to explanations of why things happened
Corroboration/Legitimization of conclusionsWere statements made in response to the researchers question or were they spontaneous? How credible was the informant?
Organization/Categorization/CondensationRefining important concepts so they can be categorized, Provide a detailed description of what was observed and a sense of why it is important, initial conceptualization changes with experience

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