Research - Chapter 1

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Documented evidence (data) gathered through direct observation rather than a researcher’s subjective belief.Empirical Data
A systematic process of investigating problems to gain knowledge about improving care that nurses provideNursing Research
Ability to distance the research process as much as possible from the scientist’s personal beliefs, values, and attitudes.Objectivity
An approach for generating knowledge using methods of inquiry that emphasize subjectivity and the meaning of an experience for the individual.Qualitative Research
An approach for generating knowledge based on determining how much of a given behavior, characteristic, or phenomenon is present.Quantitative Research
The ability of researchers to repeat a study using the same variables and methods or slight variations of them.Replication
Use of quantitative and qualitative methods to collect data about a particular phenomenon.Triangulation
A systematic research process that involves the following steps: selecting and defining the problem, formulating research questions or hypotheses or both, collecting data, analyzing data, and reporting results.Scientific Method
Information acquired in a variety of ways and sources, tradition, authority, trails and error and personal experienceKnowledge

Nursing Research

Question Answer
What is the goal of researchto discover new knowledge and find solutions to problems or questions and to discover relationships
Is research and problem solving the sameNo, research deals with discovering new knowledge while problem solving uses current knowledge to solve issues

Quantitative vs. Qualitative


Question Answer
Type of data that consist of wordsQualitative
Type of data that consist of numbersQuantitative
The type of data that includes observations, case studies, documents, in depth interviews Quantitative
The type of data that is subjective Qualitative
This type of data id objectiveQuantitative
This type of data aids in a stronger understanding of the underlying principles of a subject.Qualitative
This type of data focuses on opinions and motivations.Qualitative
This type of data help develop ideas or hypotheses at the start of a researchQualitative
This type of data focus on hard numbersQuantitative
This type of data aims to get to the root of ideologies and often more interpretiveQualitative
This type of data puts numerical assignments to findings – the problem being investigated so that the data can be transformed into statisticsQuantitative
This type of data focuses on mathematics and are measurable Quantitative
With this type of data definitive conclusions can be drawnQuantitative
This type of data asks the questions of ‘why’ and ‘whatQualitative
This type of data poses the question of ‘how many,’ or ‘what are the correlations between the data.’Quantitative
This type of data focused primarily on the outcomeQuantitative

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