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What are nursing sensitive indicators? Part of the NDNQI data base. They reflect the STRUCTURE process and outcomes of nursing care. The STRUCTURE of nursing care is indicated by the supply of nursing staff, the skill level, and the education of the nursing staff.
nuring sensitive indicators continued.***Good structure and process will produce good outcomes. This is what is the framework for MAGNET hospitals.

Process- indicators measure aspects of nursing care such as assessment, intervention, and RN job satisfaction.

Patient OUTCOMES that are determined to be nursing sensitive are those that improve if there is a greater quantity or quality of nursing care (pressure ulcers, falls, IV infiltrations)
Describe how quailty influences the financial health of a hospital value based incentive payments are made to acute care hospitals based on how well the hospitals perform on certain quailty measures or how much the hospital performace improves. The higher the hospitals performance or improvment in the fiscal year the higher the incentive payment for the fiscal year will be.
Disseminating Research to Advance Nursing and PracticeManuscript development submission- What are the steps in the submission of a manuscript? Draft a cover letter stating the title, name and contract info of authors. Assurance the paper is origninal and has not been submitted before, all authors read and approved the manuscript and there are no conflicts of interest and a signed copyright transer of ownership from the authors journal
Authors in a manuscript: Lead author 1Named overall resposibility, listed in order of contribution. When thte contribution of the co-author is equal, it goes ABC
What are the parts(section) of a quantiative report (IMRAD)INTRODUCTION: acquaints reader with the research problem. Describe existing literature, framework, problem, research, hypothesis and rationale of the study.

METHODS- evaluate the quality of a study's evidence and methods used to address research problem. Provide enough detail that another researcher could replicate the study. Includes research design and rational. Methods of how data was collected.

RESULTS- results of statisical analysis are summarized in a factual manner.

DISCUSSION- the meaning the researchers give the results. Main findings, what findings mean, what evidence are there that results are valid limitations that threaten validity, how results compare with prior knowledge, implications for future research of nursing.
RCT the gold standard of treatment. Identify resources that guide the development of the study reportRCT consort statement- imp bc if you conduct RCT and you don't follow the consort statement which is the guideline the journal won't publish it Manuscipt: the uniform requirements many journals will request you submit % of effort that author does and their contribution
contigency tableuse to record and analyze frequency of relationshipp bw 2 or more variables
Advantage of graphsallows the reader to evaluate large volumes of data quickly
Nominal/ OrdinalPie/Bar Graphs
Interval/RatioHistogram and line graphs
What are the different databases that house biomedical researchCinahl, medline, pub med
How can one identify a journal of presitge the impact fator, IF the frequency in which an aritcle is cited

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