Reproductive system

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what is the derived from peritoneum, and partially covers the teste, and is on the outsidewtunica vaginalis
what scrotal muscle is an extention of the internal oblique muscle associated with each testecrenaster nusclel
in the sctrotum what is the external medial ridgerophe
what scroltal muscle line each scrotal sacdartos muscle
what is the spacific sperm site of spem formationseminiferous tubules
within each lobule there will be 1-3 of whatseminiferous tubules
what is it called when a stem call turns into a sperm cellspermatogenis
define sertoli cellscontroled release into luman, nurish developing sperm, blood testie berrier
in an immune resppoonce what would react to an immune systemblood-testie berrier
what is the space between tubules in the seminiferous tubules and secrete testosteroneleydig cells
what is a diploid and starts meosisprimary spermocyte
what is the result of meosis isecondary spermocytes
what is the result of meosis 2 spermitids
qwhat is the process of a spermitid turning into a spermSPERMOGENISIS
what is the purpose of meosisto increase genetic variablity
what is in the head of the spermhaploid genisis
what is in the tail of the spermmiddle and neck
what is the acrome filled with and it is in the head of the spermenzymes
what is the route of sperm through tubulesseminiferous tubule-straight tubules- rete teste- efferent duct
what does stereocillia doepithelium lining that reabsorbes dead sperm,
supporting structure of the male repro and ascends out of the scrotumspermatic cord
what does a spermatic cord contain, it is clipped durring vestectomyductus deferance
what conveys sperm during sexulaarousal through pariastotic contractions, and can store sperm for several monthsductus deferance
what are the three portions of the urethraspongy urethra, membranous urethra, prancriatic urithra

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