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sexual reproductionmeiosis and fertilization
meiosisreduction division is a process by which the number of chromosomes is reduced to the haploid number (1 chromosome of each type, that is, 23 individual chromosomes instead of 23 pairs of chromosomes
Fertilizationinvolves the union of the egg and sperm to produce a zygote.
testesproduce sperm and testosterone and are found in the scrotum which is a sac hanging beneath the body
what cover the testestunica albuginea
Sertoli Cells support, protect and nourish sperm
Cells of Leydig secrete testosterone
EpididymisSperm are stored and mature here.
Spermatic cord contains artery, vein and nerve
vas deferenscarries sperm and is enlarged at the end forming the ampulla
Headcontains DNA and an Acrosome (a specialized lysosome which aids in penetration)
Midpiececontains mitochondria which supply the energy for movement
Tailallows movement
accessory glands of maleprostate, seminal vesicle, bulbourethal glands
erectionthe corpora cavernosum and spongiosum become engorged with blood.
ovariesproduce ova, progesterone, estrogen and relaxin
ovarian follicleconsists of oocytes and surrounding cells. These cells supply nutrients and secrete estrogen.
Germinal Epithelium covers the surface of the ovary
Tunica albugineafound beneath the germinal epithelium
Cortex and medulla The outer region of the ovary is the cortex while the inner region is the medulla.
Graffian follicles mature fluid-filled follicles which secrete estrogen
Corpus luteum This structure secretes estrogen, progesterone and relaxin.
Endometriuminside layer is lost during menstruation and is composed of the stratum functionalis which is the part lost and the stratum basalis which regenerates the functionalis
Myometriumthe muscle layer
Perimetriumthe outside layer
Mons pubis elevation of adipose tissue covered with coarse hair
Labia majoratwo longitudinal folds of skin which contain oil and sweat glands
Labia minora found in the middle of the labium majora and contain no oil or sweat glands
Vestibulecleft between the labium minora.

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