Reproductive System- Male

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How many lobules in testes?Contain approximately 250 lobules or compartments each.
How many seminiferous tubules in each testis?Each lobule has one to four long coiled seminiferous tubules.
What produces the male hormone?Between the coils of the seminiferous tubules are interstitial cells (cells of Leydig). These cells produce the male hormone, mainly testosterone, which maintains male secondary sexual characteristics and stimulating sperm production.
Sperm?Each tubule eventually releases it's sperm into the epididymis.

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What is the Epididymis?It is a coiled tube that eventually becomes the ductus deferens.
Cells in the Epididymis?Cells secrete glycogen as a food for the maturing sperm.
What do the Ductus Deferens do?They function as a passageway for sperm.
What is the Seminal Vesicle?A sac-like structure.
What does the Seminal Vesicle do?Secrete an alkaline fluid (bicarbonate) which buffers the existing fluid, it also secretes fructose to nourish the sperm, and secretes prostaglandins; hormone like substances that promote widening and dilation of the external os of the uterus.

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What is the Prostate gland?Gland that surrounds the urethra under the bladder.
What does the Prostate gland do?Secretes a slightly milky fluid, this fluid contains a citric acid that is a nutrient for sperm health, seminal plasmin that is an antibiotic that combats utis in males, and PSA helps liquefy semen following ejaculation.
What does the Bulbourethral Gland do?It secretes a mucous fluid to lubricate the end of the penis for sexual intercourse.
What is the scrotum?It hangs outside the body cavity and holds the two testes.
What is the penis composed of?Two main erectile tissues, the corpus spongiosum, and the corporus cavernosa.
Corpus spongiosumHas the glans at the end, and encloses the penile urethra, and the corpora cavernosa.
Erectile tissueThe masses of erectile tissue fill with blood to produce an erection prior to sexual intercourse.

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