Reproductive System- Female

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What are ovaries held in position by?The broad, suspensory, and ovarian ligaments.
What do the ovaries contain?They contain a medulla and a cortex.
MedullaLoose connective tissue and blood vessels
CortexContains ovarian follicles
Ovaries before birthPrimordial follicles (primary follicles)
Ovaries after birthAt puberty, primary follicles start through the process of meiosis; they produce secondary follicles with secondary oocytes on the inside.

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What do the uterine tubes do?These tubes move egg cells to the uterus by cilia action and peristalsis.
Where is the egg fertilized?The egg is normally fertilized in the upper one third of the uterine tube.
What does the uterus do?Houses the embryo throughout the gestation period.
What is in the uterus?Has an inner lining called the endometrium which is highly vascular during pregnancy and becomes the placenta.

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What is the vagina?The vagina is a tube that serves as a connector tube between the uterus and the vestibule. Receives the erect penis, serves as the birth canal.
Labia majoraFolds of fatty tissue and skin that enclose and protect the other structures of the vestibule.
Labia minoraBlood filled flattened folds that lie just inside the majora. They form the sides of the vestibule.
ClitorisSimilar to the penis of the male and contains erectile tissue (corpora cavernosa) which erects during excitement.
Greater vestibular glandsGlands that empty into the vestibule that lubricate before and during sexual intercourse.

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