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What is erythroblastosis fetalis and what is the protocol?This is when a Rh negative mom has been exposed to Rh positive blood. The immunoglobulins start to attack the fetal blood. If the patients, Rh factor is negative she will need to receive the Rh immune globulin at 28 weeks.
What causes hyperbilirubinemia?This happens because of ABO incompatibilities.
What is TORCH?This is an acronym for different types of infections. It stands for toxoplasmosis, Other infections (HBV), Rubella, Cytomegalovirus, and Herpes (HSV)
How is hepatitis B transferred to the baby?this is transferred via the placenta or blood/bodly fluids.
What should be done is a mom is Hepatitis B positive?The baby should get a hepatitis B immuneoblobulin (HBIG) 0.5 mL IM within 12 hours of life then a second dose at 1 month and a third dose at least at 6 months.
What can happen to the baby is the mom has Rubella?this can result in spontaneous abortion, hearing loss, congenital abnormalities, and intrauterine growth restrictions.
If an infant has been born with congenital rubella, what needs to be done to the baby?The baby needs to be put on isolation.
What is cytomegalovirus (CMV)?This is a member of the herpes group.
What are signs and symptoms of cytomegalovirus?The mothers symptoms are very vague and may have no clue she has it.
What are risk factors for cytomegalovirus?People who work in childcare facilities/ or with teens who are closely together.
Only 5-10% will go into the full blown cytomegalovirus. What are signs and symptoms?Hemolytic anemia, jaundice, hydrocephaly, microcephaly, pneumonia, deafness, fetal/neonatal death
What exam do we do to the mom to check her for herpes (HSV)?A bright light exam will be done to look for lesions.
If a child is exposed at 13-20 weeks gestation to varicella zoster, what does this mean?This means that the child will be at risk for developing congenital vericella syndrome that can effect the limb growth/ overall growth.
If the baby is exposed to varicella zoster 5 days before birth to 2 days after birth,what will we do?We will give the varicella immunoglobulins within 96 hours of delivery. The child will also be isolated.
What is group beta streptococcus?It is a gram-positive bacterium colonized in the rectum, vagina, cervix, and urethra of women.
When do we test for group beta streptococcus?This is done later in the pregnancy at 35-37 weeks gestation. You will have a cervical, rectal, and vaginal exam.
If the patient is a carrier of group beta streptococcus, what medications will be given?This patient will get prophylactic antibiotics during labor. Usually its penicillin G. You will get 2 doses prior to delivery and one within 4 hours prior.
How do we treat opthalmaia neonatorum from chlamydia or gonorrhea?We will treat it with ilotycin.
Is it normal to have proteins in your urine while pregnant?Yes. You can have a trace or 1+ proteins, especially after a digital exam prior.
What is an abnormal result for a glucose tolerance test?Anything greater than 140 is abnormal. This indicated further testing, but does not indicate gestational diabetes.
During a glucose tolerance test, there will be 3 blood draws. At what point is the blood sugar levels considered abnormal?1st hour: >180 2nd hour: >155 3rd hour: >140
What does quad screen test for?This is tests for downs syndrome, trisomy 18, and neural tube defects.
When can a quad screening be done?This optional screening can be done 15-20 weeks, but is most sensitive between 16-18 weeks. Levels peak around 16 weeks.
What 4 hormones does a quad test look for?AFP, HCG, Estriol, and inhibin A
What can cause false reading in a quad screening?Multiple pregnancies like twins or incorrect gestational age.
What are the 5 criteria of a biophysical profile (BPP)?1.) Amniotic fluid 2.) Fetal HR reactivity 3.) Fetal muscle tone 4.) Fetal body movement 5.) Fetal breathing movement.
What are results for a biophysical profile (BPP)?8-10 is normal 4-6 is possible abnormal, will retest in few hours <4 need for delivery
What is a contraction stress test?This is when we put the baby in a stressful situation to see how they can withstand contractions.
What does a negative contraction stress test mean?This is reassuring and good. You had 3 contractions lasting at least 40-60 seconds in a 10 minute period of time. There were no late decels
What does a positive contraction stress test mean?This is bad. You had decels within 50% of contractions.
What does a equivical contraction stress test mean?You had some late decels and some significant variables. Your late decels were not within 50% of contractions, you may have had only one or two.
If we do a amniocentesis later on in the pregnancy, what are we typically looking for?Lung maturity.
When doing an amniocentesis, what indicates mature lungs? positive PG spot with L/S ratio of >2:1
What are the nursing responsibilities for an amniocentesis?To get fetal baseline HR and maternal VS baseline. After check for bleeding and monitor for contractions.
What is chorionic villi sampling?this is when a sample of the placenta is taken to do genetic testing
When can we do a chorionic villi sampling?This can't be done until the placenta is grown. This would be done at 9-10 weeks in the 1st trimester.
What is the normal lab for RBC, Hgb, WBC, and platelet for pregnant women?RBC 5-6.25, Hgb >11gm/dL, WBC 5,000-15,000, Platelet 150,000-400,000 - no changes until 3-5 days p delivery.

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