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What are the 2 fetal membranes for the placenta?The amnion and the chorion.
What is the amnion membrane of the placenta?This is the inner most lining, produces amnionic fluid; derived from maternal blood.
What is the chorion membrane?this is the outer most lining, forms trophablasts, chrionic villi where nutrition exchange occurs are here.
What are the 4 functions of the amniotic fluid?1.) Cushions the baby 2.) creates a temp. controlled environment 3.) provides symmetrical growth and development of musculosceletal system 4.) prevents baby from sticking to uterine wall.
At 10 weeks, you should have how much amniotic fluid?1 ounce or 30 mL.
At 20 weeks, you should have how much amniotic fluid?350 mL.
What is oligohydramnios?This is too low amount of amniotic fluid from malfunction in baby's renal function. Baby will drink and not pee. This can happen naturally at 40 weeks
oligohydramnios is a sign of what?Intrauterine growth restriction.
What is hydramnios or polyhydramnios?This is too much amounts or an excessive amount of amniotic fluid. This may be seen with GI dysfunction. The baby does not drink but pees a lot.
What should be monitored with a mom who has hydramnios or polyhydramnios?These moms can go into pre-term labor due to over distension. Watch for umbilical cord prolapse due to excessive fluid.
When does the placenta implant?This implants at about 8 weeks.
What does the placenta do?This connects the fetus to the uterine wall. It is the nutritive, respiratory, and excretory exchange unit for the baby.
At what week is the placenta fully functioning?This happens at the 8-12 week.
What do the umbilical arteries do?These excrete waste back into the placenta to be excreted by mom.
What are the 5 functions of the placenta?1.) gas exchange 2.) nutrient and electrolyte exchange 3.) excretory products back to mom 4.) makes progestrone, estradiol, and human placental lactogen (HPL) to maintain pregnancy 5.) immunological transfer of antibodies (IgG antibodies are transferred through placenta)
What are 4 things that will be assessed during a physical assessment at the first prenatal visit?The baby's heart sounds, fundal height, a physical exam of ht/wt/vs, and labs for baseline.
How early can you hear the baby's heart sounds?As early as 8 weeks.
How do you measure the fundus?Measure from the symphisis pubis to the the top of the uterus (fundus). This is measures in cm.
How often will a mom get check-up's?Every 4 weeks during the first 28 weeks. Then every 2 weeks until 36 weeks. Then every week until delivery.
If a mom is experiencing visual disturbances, edema, or severe headaches, what might this mean?This is a signs of hypertension and is a medical emergency.
What education can be taught in the 1st trimester? physical/psychological changes self care protecting the fetus choosing a care provider and birth setting prenatal experience relief of common early pregnancy discomforts
What education can be taught in the 2nd trimester?Planning for breast feeding sexuality in pregnancy relief of common later pregnancy discomforts.
What education can be taught in the 3rd trimester?Prep for childbirth development of a birth plan Relaxation techniques postpartum self care infant stimulation infant care and delivery
What causes N/V in pregnancy?Elevated HCG levels.
What is ptyalism?This is excessive saliva to to increased circulating volume.
What are 5 ways to estimate the due date?Through nagele's rule, the McDonalds method, through the first trimester ultrasound, through quickening, and by auscultating the FHR.
What is nagele's rule?1st day of LMP - 3 months + 7 days.
What is the Mcdonalds method?This is when you measure the height of the fundus to estimate the due date.
What is GP or GTPAL?G: Gravida: number of times pregnant T: number of infants born after 37 weeks Para: number of infants delivered between 20-37 weeks gestation A: number of pregnancies that ended in spontaneous abortion or therapeutic abortion before 20 weeks. L: number of children currently living
What are presumptive signs of pregnancy?These are subjective signs from mom's perspective. Amenorrhea, N/V, fatigue, urinary frequency, breast changes, quickening
What are probably signs of pregnancy?These are more objective signs from hormones. Hegar's sign (softening of isthmus), Goddell's sign (softening of cervix), Mcdonald's sign, Chadwick's sign (bluish cervix), enlarged abdomen, stretch marks, positive pregnancy test.
What are positive signs of pregnancy?Fetal heartbeat, fetal movement felt by you the nurse, visualization of the baby through an US.
What are normal H&H's for a pregnant woman?HGB: 10-14 HCT: 32%-42%
What is the AMA?This is the advanced maternal age. It is 35 years old.
What is a normal RBC count for a mom?3.75-5
What is a normal WBC count for mom?5,000-15,000.

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