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What are the 2 categories of hormones of the male reproductive system?androgens and gonadotropins.
What are the main type of male androgen?Testosterone
What is a prostatic acid phosphatase test?This is a test that, when elevated, indicated possible prostate cancer. This should be done in conjunction with other tests to be sure.
What do VDRL, RPR, and FTA-Abs labs look at?These are done to assess for syphilis
What education should be given to a patient who is getting a prostate biopsy?They should avoid strenuous activity 4 hours before the test, there will be discomfort for 1-2 days post, and a catheter may be placed so there could be bloody urine.
What is a nocturnal penile tumescence test?This is a test that assesses a male's erections during sleep. It is usually done if the patient is have trouble with getting an erection.
How do you do a testicular-self exam?Teach the patient to exam the testicles with soapy hands during a warm shower or bath. Gently roll each testicle between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Check for any hard lumps felt directly on the testicle. Look for protrusions when bearing down. Do this on the same day once a month.
At what age does andropause start?30
How do we treat andropause?There is no cure. Testosterone replacement is not effective. We can try an andriol as a testosterone replacement steroid, but should educate the patient on counseling, diet, and exercise.
What is prostatitis?This is an inflammation of the prostate gland.
What typically causes prostatitis?A bacterial infection from ecoli. It can also be from a spasm or tension in the urinary tract.
What are signs and symptoms of prostatitis?Enlarged prostate that is uneven with tenderness, urinary retention, dribbling, nocturia, frequency or difficulty starting urine, burning, possible UTI.
What medications might we give for prostatits?Antibiotics for infections, NSAIDS for inflammation, or analgesics for pain.
What activity will a patient with prostatis be allowed to do?They will be on bed rest until it subsides.
You should make sure that a patient with prostatitis never gets what?Constipated. Tell them to take stool softeners and drink water.
What is benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)?This is an enlargement and overgrowth of cells in the prostate gland causing an enlargement of the prostate. The prostate extends into the bladder and obstruct urine outflow.
Is BPH a normal part of aging?Yes.
What are signs and symptoms of BPH?Weak urine stream, difficulty starting or stopping urine output, nocturia, dribbling, urinary frequency, possible UTI.
What is the most common treatment for BPH? TURP. This is transaurethral resection of the prostate.
What will the need after a TURP?The patient will need a continuous bladder irrigation or CBI. This is to make sure the bladder does not accumulate blood clots. Its like a 3 way foley.
What color should the urine be throughout a CBI?It should be clear to pink in color.
What are signs and symptoms or prostate cancer?Early stages are asymptomatic; later stages include frequency, urgency, reduced stream nocturia, hematuria or bloody ejaculation. After metastasis there can be bone and muscle pain.
How do we treat prostate cancer?Chemo, radiation, or surgery to remove the prostate. Treatment depends on what patient wants to do.
What is Orchitis?This is an inflammation of one or both of the testes. This is typically secondary to an infection of the epididimus. Never really a primary infection.
Who is at risk for orchitis? Someone who didn't get their mumps shot or has recurrent UTI's.
What are signs and symptoms of orchitis?Testicular swelling on one or more sides, pain, signs of infection like fever chills N/V
How do we treat orchitis?If bacterial give antibiotics, support and comfort the patient. Cold packs may help.
What is epididymitis?This is an inflammation of the epididymis. This stores the sperm.
What typically causes epididymitis?STD's typically chlamydia or gonorrhea, UTI's or prostatitis, or by having a catheter.
What are signs and symptoms of epididymitis?Discharge from urethra , pain, fever if infection, duck waddle.

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