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What happens to the baby if the mom is infected with toxoplasmosis? Early stage? later?1st trimester- spontaneous abortion, later- convulsions, coma, microcephaly, hydrocephalus
If mom is Hep B positive baby should: Hep B immune globulin 0.5ml IM within 12 hours of life, Hep B vaccine within 12 of life- 2nd dose at 1 mo, 3rd dose at 6 months.
What happens to the baby if the mom is infected with rubella? Early stage? later?1st trimester- spontaneous abortion or congenital heart disease, intrauterine growth restrictions, hearing loss, ISOLATION P BIRTH!!
What are the rubella titers?More than 10 international units per milliliter (IU/mL) IgG antibodies. A positive rubella IgG test result is good-it means that you are immune to rubella and cannot get the infection.
How can CMV be contracted?through respiratory and sexual transmission. Neonates can get it through infected birth canal.
How can you test for CMV?urine, sputum, or mouth swab. takes 3-7 days
What is the protocol if the mom has herpes?Give acyclovir to the baby for 21 days. Offer mom a c section, Give mom acyclovir late in pregnancy if she's had a recent outbreak or hasn't had an outbreak in like 10 years,
What happens to baby if mom has herpes and wants to deliver vag?limit vag exams, no fetal scalp electrodes, no baby/mom isolation, isolate baby in nursery, breastfeeding is ok if there are no lesions on breast.
What are the effects on the fetus if exposure to varicella zoster 13-20 weeks?Congenital varicella syndrome- limb hypoplasia, chorioretinitis, microcephaly
What are the effects on the fetus if exposure to varicella zoster 5 days before birth to 2 days after birth?Life threatening neonatal varicella infection
What is the treatment for neonatal if exposed to varicella?Varicella zoster immune globulin within 96 hours of delivery and isolation
When is GBS tested and how?35-37 weeks. vaginal and rectal culture
What is the antibiotic eye ointment that is used for babies born from moms who have gonorrhea or/and chlamydia?Ilotycin
When obtaining a urine specimen what type of collection/how?Clean catch mid stream specimen.
When is the Glucose tolerance test done?24-28 weeks
What is the abnormal level for the oral glucose tolerance test?Greater than 140. Then you will be retested using the 3 hour GTT
What does the quad screen test for and when is it done?down syndrome, trisomy 18, and neural tube defects. Done at the 16-18 week
What hormones does the quad screen test for? When could it give false results?alpha-fetoprotein, HcG, estriol, and inhibin A. multiple preg, incorrect gest age.
What are the results of a reactive nonstress test? is this good?This is a good result; you want this. 2 or more accelerations at 15 beats for 15 seconds that occur over 20 minutes
What does the BPP assess? What is the scoring?Fetal breathing movement, fetal body movement, fetal muscle tone, FHR reactivity, and amniotic fluid vol. 8-10 is normal, 4-6 is poss. abnormal, <4 is need for delivery
which patients would you not want to have a contraction stress test?one that is bleeding of unknown cause and one that had a prior csection with classic uterine section (up and down)
What is the goal for a contraction stress test?Negative. 3 contraction at 40-60 sec in 10 min period. No late decelerations. A positive or nonreactive(bad) is at least half of the decels were late.
What is amniocentesis assessing in early gest and late?Early 14-15 week: chromosomal aberrations, level of AFP, sex only if there is an x linked disease, later: lung maturity
Amniocentesis: lung maturity results?L/s ratio 2:1 positive PG spot
Amniocentesis protocol? rh- moms?Low fowlers, guided ultrasound, MD will have large needle and aspirate a. fluid. Nurse will get FHR baseline and mom's vs. Monitor both throughout procedure. Afterward, check for bleeding and monitor for contractions. RH- moms will get a dose of rhogam.
When can chorionic villia sampling be done? Why is it done?9-10 weeks. Fetal genetic studies; to decide if they want to abort the baby.

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