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Female Repro path

Question Answer
LH:FSH > 2Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD)
Type 2 diabetes in an obese woman w/ hirsutism and ammenorrheaPolycystic ovarian disease (PCOD)
Ovarian tumor w/ BRCA-1 mutationSerous carcinoma of ovary and fallopian tube --> prophylactic salpingo-oophorectomy
Complex ovarian cyst with thick, shaggy liningMalignant cystadenocarinoma (can be serous or mucinous)
Tumor of endometrial-like glands in ovaryEndometreoid ovarian tumor
Ovarian tumor with bladder-like epithelium (urothelium)Brenner tumor (benign), coffee-bean nuclei on H&E stain
Cystic tumor with tissues from 2-3 embryologic layersCystic teratoma
Ovarian cystic tumor associated with hyperthyroidismStruma ovarii - made mostly of thyroid tissue
Ovarian tumor of large cells with clear cytoplasm and central nucleiDysgerminoma (female version of seminoma), LDH elevated
Ovarian tumor, elevated AFP, glomeruli-like structures on histoEndodermal sinus (yolk sac) tumor, Schiller-Duval bodies
High hCG with placental tissue but no villiChoriocarcinoma
Ovarian tumor, large primitve cells, agressive, early metastasisEmbryonal carcinoma
Ovarian tumor producing excess estrogenGranulosa-theca cell tumor
Ovarian tumor made up of tubules with characteristic crystals, might cause hirsutismSertoli-Leydig cell tumor, Reinke crystals, androgen production
Pleural effusions, ascites, "pulling" sensation in groinMeigs syndrome - ovarian fibroma, benign tumor of fibroblasts
Mucinous tumors involving both ovariesKrukenberg tumor - metastasis from gastric carcinoma (diffuse type), often involves both ovaries, whereas 1* mucionous CA is unilateral
Excess mucus in peritoneum ("jelly belly")Pseudomyxoma peritonei, metastasis from appendix
Endometrial CA with endometreoid histologyCaused by endometrial hyperplasia from estrogen exposure
Endometrial CA w/ psammoma bodies and serous histologySporadic endometrial CA, papillary structures, aggressive, arises in atrophic endometrium w/ no precursor, p53 mutation,
Whic tumor types have psammoma bodies?Thyroid papillary CA, sporadic enodmetrial CA, meningioma, mesothelioma
Mother exposed to DES, daughter at risk of...Vaginal adenosis (persistence of columnar epithelium in upper vagina), clear cell adenoCA of vagina (complication of adenosis), uterine smooth muscle abnormalities
Vaginal tumor that is desmin+ and myogenin+ and has cytoplasmic striationsEmbryonal rhabdomyosarcoma (aka sarcoma botryoides), grape-like mass
Ulcerated vulvar skin lesion, cells are PAS+, keratin+, S100-Extramammary Paget disease, no underlying CA

Male Repro path

Question Answer
Bowen diseaseleukoplakia of the shaft of the penis, carcinoma in situ
Erythroplasia of Queyraterythroplakia of the glans penis, carcinoma in situ
Penile carcinoma in situ that presents as multiple reddish papulesBowenoid paulosis, does not progress to invasive CA
Necrotizing, granulomatous inflammation of the inguinal lymphatics and lymph nodesLymphogranuloma venereum, caused by Chlamydia, heals with fibrosis, can cause rectal stricture
Orchitis or prostatitis in young adultChlamydia or gonorrhea, risk of sterility, libido unaffected b/c Leydig cells are spared
Orchitis or prostatitis in older adultsE.coli or Pseudomonas, UTI pathogens
Orchitis in a teenagerMumps virus, not seen in children less than 10 yrs
Autoimmune orchitisgranulomas involving the seminiferous tubules
Testicular tumor w/ large cells, clear cytoplasm, central nucleiSeminoma, good prognosis
Testicular tumor w/ immature, primitive cells, hemorrhagic necrosis, cells in alveolar or tubular patternEmbryonal CA
Most common testicular tumor in children < 3 yrs oldYolk sac tumor
Testicular tumor w/ high AFP and glomerulus-like structures on histoEmbryonal CA, Schiller-Duval bodies
Testicular tumor w/ very high B-hCG and placenta-like tissue but villi are absentChoriocarcinoma, tumor of synctiotrophoblasts and cytotrophoblasts
Testicular tumor associated with gynecomastia or hyperthyroidismChoriocarcinoma, hCG is similar to FSH, LH, TSH
Testicular tumor composed of mature fetal tissue from 2-3 embryonic layersCystic teratoma, malignant in males
Testicular tumor that produces androgens and has crystalsLeydig cell tumor, Reinke crystals
Testicular tumor composed of tubules, clinically silent, benignSertoli cell tumor
Most common testicular cancer in older menMetastatic lymphoma, often bilateral, usually diffuse large B-cell type
Lower back pain with high serum alk phos (ALP) and high PSAMetastatic prostatic CA, causes osteoblastic lesions in lumbar spine, ALP indicates active osteoblasts

Breast path

Question Answer
Green-brown discharge, chronic inflammation w/ plasma cells, dilation of subareolar ductsMammary duct ectasia
Calcifications and giant cells following trauma to breastFat necrosis
Lumpy breast with blue dome appearance of cystsFibrocystic change
Type of fibrocystic change with proliferation of glands and fibrosis, calcifications commonSclerosing adenosis, increases risk of carcinoma
Bloody nipple dischargeIntraductal papilloma or papillary carcinoma
Mobile, marble-like mass, estrogen sensitiveFibroadenoma
DCIS with necrosis and calcificationComedo type DCIS
DCIS that extends up the ducts to involve the skinPaget disease of the breast, underlying carcinoma
Large, high-grade cells growing in sheets with associated lymphocytes and plasma cells, well circumscribedMeddulary carcinoma (type of invasive ductal CA)
Carcinoma in dermal lymphatics, inflamed, swollen breast with no discrete massInflammatory CA (type of invasive ductal), tumor cells block lymph drainage, often mistaken for acute mastitis
Invasive carcinoma with single-file pattern, signet ring morphology, and lacking E-cadherinInvasive lobular carcinoma