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Question Answer
Testosterone effectserection ejaculate sperm libido
Trandermal patch or Vaginal Ringsuppresses estrogen and progestin leading to no ovulation. leave on/in 3 wks off/out for 1 wk
Treatment for HSVacyclovir
Treatment for trichomoniasismetronidazole antibiotics
Treatment of BPHtamsulosin, finasteride, TURP
Treatment of candidiasisantibiotics and or antifungal
Treatment of testicular torsionEmergency surgery!! w/n 6 hr
type 2 DM can cause___PCOS
Typical age for menarchy12-15
typical age for natural menopause40-50
VDRL (RPR) test for...syphilis
What are causes of BPH?infections of testes or advanced age
What is the first test done when a couple is having infertility issues?semen analysis
What is the first vaccine developed to prevent cervical CA?Gardasil - HPV vaccine
What is the second leading cause of death for women in the US?Cancer
What lab diagnosis syphilis?FTA-ABS
Why no DES for pregnant mothers?Sons - testicular CA, hypospadias, and cryptorchidism Daughters - increased risk of vaginal and breast CA

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