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4 Nursing considerations for oral contraceptivesno use if smoker or hx of blood clots. antibiotics make less effective - use backup contraceptive, no STI prevention. makes anti-coagulation drugs less effective
5 Nursing considerations for pts on finasteride.effects caused by low testosterone: breast enlargment, ED, flushing, orthostatic hypotenstion, rhinitis
Orchitis: cause, definition, and s/sinfection/mumps, inflammation of the testes, s/s fever, discharge, blood in sperm
PID leads to ____ and___ causes PIDinfertility; Chlamydia
possible complications for cryptochidisimRisk for testicular CA infertility
Postmenopausal bleeding indicates.....uterine CA
4 post op Nursing considerations after prostatectomyno straining - give laxative, no valsalva, teach kegal exercises, ambulation - no sitting for long periods of time
Primary prevention of cervical CA is.....HPV vaccination
proliferative phase lengthdays 6-14
4 Proper method of BSE7-10 after menstruation/same day each month, stand look in mirror w/ arms up then down, hands on hips and bow, palpate using spiral or pie touch standing or lying down
6 Risk factors for breast CAfamily Hx, menarchy b/f 12 yr, late menopause (a/f 50 yr), 1st birth a/f 30 yrs or no children, HRT
4 Risk factors for uterine CA are.....PCOS, obesity, advanced age, hormone replacement therapy
Role of prostatemakes fluid alkaline
Semen is ___ and female vagina is usually__. think pHalkaline; acidic
sign of HSVIt is characterized by an eruption of small, painful blisters on the skin of the lips, mouth, gums, tongue, genitals or the skin around the mouth.
sign of testicular CApainless hard lump on testicular exam w/o pain
3 signs of Prostate CAhematuria or hematospermia, painful erection
The silent killer is... (think CA) and why is it a silent killer?ovarian CA because there is no test for it and s/s present would indicate advanced stages
s/s bacterial vaginosis"fishy smelling" thin gray-white vaginal d/c
s/s gonorrheamay be asymptomatic green purulent d/c women white d/c men
s/s of candidiasisfoul smelling, cottage cheese d/c, intense itching
s/s of cervical CAspotting between periods and a/f sex
s/s off BPHdysuria, dribbling, bumpy or larger than normal size on examination
s/s of trichomoniasisparasitic. vaginal discharge that can be clear, white, yellowish, or greenish with an unusual fishy smell. d/c difficult to dx in men
s/s of PIDfever, pain, n/v, and vaginal d.c.
s/s syphilispainless ulcers/lesions
Teach for testicular exam1. Use both hands to palpate the testis. 2. With the index and middle fingers under the testis and the thumb on top, roll the testis gently in a horizontal plane between the thumb and fingers. 3. Feel for any evidence of a small lump or abnormality. 4. Follow the same procedure and palpate upward along the testis 5. Locate and palpate the epididymis 6. Repeat the examination for the other testis, epididymis, and spermatic cord. 7. If you find any evidence of a small, pea-like lump or if the testis is swollen (possibly from an infection or tumor), consult your primary provider.
Teaching for fibrocystic breast changeswell-fitting bra, low-Na, low caffeine, no xanthines, Vit E, thiamine, OTC pain meds
Testicular torsion s/ssudden extreme pain of the scrotum, radiating to the groin or abd

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