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Abnormal PSA test result>4 ng/mL
After TURP pt will have _________ ___________ __________ to prevent blood clots.continuous bladder irrigation
Age to begin breast self exam20-21 yr
______ ___________ are benign proliferations of smooth muscle and fibrous connective tissues in the uterus.uterine fibroids
BBT birth control methodtake temp every AM before getting out of bed. temp will drop a degree the day before ovulation. temp will rise a degree during ovulation. wait 3 days to have sex to prevent conception
______ cancer is more common in pregnant women than other reproductive malignancies.Cervical
What causes of priapism?Viagra, tumor, sickle cell
_____ _____ causes syphilistreponema pallidum
Cervical mucus characteristics when ovulating and in betweenovulating - thinner and clearer... in-between - thicker, white
Cryptorchidismfailure of the testes to descend in-utero (usually 37 wks)
Cure for syphilismay be asymptomatic penicillin G doxycycline
Early s/s of ovarian cancerNone
elevated prostatic acid phosphatase indicatesprostate cancer
Factors that affect Pap smear testsex or douching w/i 48 hr, menses
Female labs for infertilityFSH and LH = these affect stimulation and maturation of ova
The four most common types of genital prolapse areCyctocele, rectocele, enterocele, and uterine prolapse.
HCG peaks _________ days after conception.11
HPV causes what STIcondylomata - genital warts
HPV leads to what cancercervical
Implant contraceptives detailsprevent ovulation and stimulates thick mucus, last 3-5 years and pt may only spot, less effective in obese pts 27b
What is infertilityfailure to become pregnant after 1 year of unprotected sex
A ___ is a silicone or plastic device inserted in the vagina to support the uterus, bladder, and rectumpessary
IUD detailsinflames endometrium, inhibits sperm from entering cervix, good for smokers, may cause PID
late s/s of ovarian CAabd discomfort bloating
List the re-portable STIsgonorrhea chlamydia HIV syphilis
long acting progestin shot (Depo-Provera)suppress ovum, thickens mucus, given q3months, may cause HA and WT gain
Male with hx of mumps in puberty is at risk for these three conditions.testicular CA infertility orchitis
menstrual phase lengthdays 1-5
Most common bacterial STI in USAchlamydia

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