Renal System

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What are the primary functions of the renal system?Waste excretion, production of hormones, regulates blood ion levels and blood pressure/volume etc.
What are the three components to nephron functioning?Glomerular filtration, Tubular reabsorption, Tubular Secretion.
Explain Glomerular Filtration-Blood plasma and dissolved substances get filtered into the glomerular capsule.
Explain Tubular Reabsorption-Water, ions and other substances are reabsorbed from the renal tubule lumen and into the peritubular capillaries-> then blood stream.
Explain Tubular Secretion-Wastes, drugs, excess ions and other substances get secreted from the peritubular capillaries into the renal tubule->then into urine.
How much glomerular filtration takes place in an average male/female?Females- approx 150L/day. Males- approx 180L/day.
How much glomerular filtrate ends up being secreted via urination?1%, or approx 1-2L / day.

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What are three physical characteristics found in the Filtration Membrane?Fenestrations of Glomerular Endothelial Cells, Basal Lamina, and Slit membrane between Pedicels.
What is the purpose of the Fenestrations?Prevents filtration of blood cells, but allows free movement to all components of Blood Plasma.
What is the purpose of the Basal Lamina?Prevents filtration of larger proteins.
What is the purpose of the Slit Membrane Between Pedicels?Prevents filtration of medium sized proteins.