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Question Answer
What is Islam?Islams means surrenders to the will of God.
What are Muslims? Muslims are followers of God.
Who was Muhammad?Muhammad came from a family of famous prophets of Muslims and was an orphan that was raised by his uncle who worked as a merchant.
What is the Qu'ran? The Qu'ran is a famous book like the bible but Muslims used it.
Where do Muslims need to go before they die?They had to go to Mecca from Medina.
Who were the Sunni?Sunni were a group that believe that they get to choose their own leader who can be anyone they want.
Who were the Shai?Shias were a group of people who believe that family members of Muhammad should be the leaders.
What did Shia and Sunni both believed?They believed in Mahdi and that one day it will appear on Judge Day.
What does Mahdi mean?Mahdi means the guided one.
What are the five religious duties of Muslims?1.)Belief 2.) Prayers 3.) Fast 4.) Alms 5.)Pilgrimage