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Which religion is the second most largest reiligion in the world ?The second most largest religion is Islam.
Which religion is the is the largest and comes in first place?Christianity is the first largest religion in the world.
About how many people are Islamsic(basically muslims)?About 1 billion people on Earth are Islamic.
Islam means....?Islam mean to surrender;to give up to the will of God.
Muslims means...?Muslims means followers of Islams or studiers.
MuhammadFounder of Islam.
What do Islam teach?Islam taught about monotheism.
MonotheismThe belief of one god.
Qur'anThe holy book of Islam and the book that was revealed to Muhammud.
Muhammad's Birth: 570 C.E Mecca Arabia
QurayshRuler of Mecca
When Muhammad was born, what was he?Muhammad was an orphan.
When he grew older ,what was his job?He was a merchant.
Jabal NurThis mountain was the mountain Muhammad retrievet at age 40. The cave was called the Hira.
Angel of GabrielAn angel who gave Marry a baby named Jesus.
What did angel Gabriel do after?After, Angel of Gabriel gave a message to Muhammad.
I amGod's first name.
Alacousin of Muhammad
Why did lots of people come to the U.S.A in the first place?Lots of people came to U.S.A in the first place because they had the freedom to worship their own god and religion.
Night JourneyWhen Muhammad consisted a vision which was ascending to heaven and speaking to Moses and Jesus.
What did this vision make Christians think?Christians thought because of this vision their city must have been the holy city.
JerusalemThe third most holiest city.
MeccaThe first holy city.
Hyra622 C.E left Mecca and made it to Medina.
What happened in Medina?In Medina, Muhammad became their spiritual leader.
When did Muhammad die?Muhammad died in 632 C.E in Medina.
What happened after his death?After his death,the Islamic culture grew.
What happened 200 years later?200 years later the culture had expanded all the way from Saudi Arabia all the way to Spain, then India.
Persian CarpetPersian carpets are the most famouos contribution to art in Islam.
What happened to the Islamic world?It split in to two fractions that are called Sunni and Shia.
ShiaThey believed that their next ruler should one of Muhammad's family members.
SunniThey believed that they can choose their own leader/ruler from among the other muslims.
What did Shia controlled?They controlled all of Iran and some parts of Iraq.
Mahdiguiding one
5 Religious Duties of Muslims:1.)statement of belief 2.)pray five times a day 3.) (fast) go without eatting 4.) give to the poor 5.) pilgrimage
(Hajj) PilgrimageA duty that all Muslims had to do which was make a trip to Mecca atleast once in a life time.
Mosquea place where Muslims get together
Mihraba niche in the wall of a mosque when muslims prayed.
Ramadanthe holy month which is June.
When could'nt Muslims eat?Muslims couldn't eat fromt he sun up to the sun down.
Kaabaa building that all Muslims had to walk seven times around the center and it was a sacred mosque,
Burqa a outer garment (cloak) that some women who are Muslims in some Islamic traditions wear.
Where has Islam and its culture spread to?Islam is mostly spread in Africa and some in Asia.

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