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Which religion is the second most largest religion in the world ?The second most largest religion is Islam.
The Qur'an and the Sunnah form the basis of Islamic law which is also known as what?: Shariah
What is the Sunnah?: The sunnah is the example of right behavior provided by Muhammed's life and teachings.
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Which religion is the largest and comes in first place?Christianity is the largest religion in the world.
About how many people are Muslims?About 1 billion people on Earth are Muslims.
Islam means....?Islam means to surrender; to give up to the will of God.
Muslims means...?Muslims means followers or students of Islam.
What is Muhammad known for?He is known for being the founder of Islam.
What does Islam teach?Islam teaches about monotheism.
What is monotheism?Monotheism is the belief in one god.
What is the Qur'an?The holy book of Islam and the book that was revealed to Muhammed.
When and where was Muhammad born?570 C.E Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Who were the Quraysh?They were a powerful tribe from Mecca to which Prophet Muhammad once belonged before his expulsion from it.
Who raised Muhammed?Muhammad was an orphan raised by his uncle.
When Muhammed grew older, what was his job?He became a merchant.
What is Jabal Nur?This mountain was the mountain where Muhammad received the message from God at age 40. The cave was called the Hira.
Who is the Angel Gabriel?Gabriel is the angel who told Mary she would have a baby named Jesus and who appeared to the prophet Muhammed.
What angel gave Muhammed the message from God?The Angel Gabriel
I AmGod's first name.
What do Muslims call God?They call him Allah.
Why did lots of people come to the U.S.A in the first place?Lots of people came to U.S.A in the first place because they had the freedom to worship their own god and religion.
What is the "Night Journey"?Muhammad had a vision of him ascending to heaven and speaking to Moses and Jesus.
What is a vision?A dream
What did this vision make Christians think?Christians thought because of this vision, their city must have been the holy city.
What is the third most holy Islamic city and the first Christian holy city?Jerusalem.
What is the Islamic holy city?Mecca is the Muslim's holy city.
Hyra622 C.E left Mecca and made it to Medina.
What happened in Medina?In Medina, Muhammad became the Muslim spiritual leader.
When did Muhammad die?Muhammad died in 632 C.E in Medina.


What is the title reserved for the highest Islamic leader?: The highest Islamic leader is called the caliph.
Why do you think trade flourishes (spreads) in coastal cities?: Trade flourishes in coastal cities because most merchants probably traveled by boat.
Define tolerance.: Tolerance means acceptance.
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What happened to the Islamic culture after Muhammed's death?After his death, the Islamic culture grew.
What happened 200 years later?Two hundred years later the culture had expanded all the way from Saudi Arabia to Spain, then India.
What other religious group besides Isla enjoyed a thriving culture in Islamic Spain?: The Jews enjoyed a thriving community.
Who were male youths taken from conquered towns , converted to Islam, and taught to fight for the Muslim Turks?: Janissaries.
The Byzantine Empire came to an end in 1453 when the Ottomans led by Mehmed II captured ________________________: Constantinople
What is a harem?: A harem is a separate area of a household where women lived away from men.
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What are the most famous Islamic contributions to art?Persian carpets
What happened to the Islamic world?It split in to two fractions that are called Sunni and Shia.
Who are the Shia Muslims?The Shia are Muslims who believe that all rulers should be one of Muhammad's family members.
Who are the Sunni Muslims?Sunnis are Muslims who believe that they can choose their own leader/ruler from among the other any Muslim group.
What is the most famous architectural achievement of the Mughal Empire?: The Taj Mahal, a tomb built for the wife of Shah Jahan.
The Greeks invented the astrolabe for what purpose?: They invented it to chart the position of the stars.
Who was Ibn Battutah?: A Muslim explorer
What mathematical concept was invented by Muslim mathematicians?: Algebra
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Name at least two important Muslim advances in medicine. Tests to qualify doctors before they could treat people, the first school of pharmacy, diagnosis and treatment of smallpox, a medical encyclopedia.
What is the name of Islam's great collection of stories?: The Thousand and One Nights
Name a famous Muslim poet.: Omar Khayyam
What isa patron?: Rich people who like to help finance artistic and architectural projects.
What is a minaret?: A huge hall where thousands gather to pray.
What is calligraphy?: Decorative writing
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What countries did the Shia control?They controlled all of Iran and some parts of Iraq.
What does "Mahdi" mean?"Guiding one"
Five Religious Duties of Muslims:Muslims must - 1.) make a statement of belief 2.) pray five times a day 3.) (fast) go without eating 4.) give to the poor 5.) make a pilgrimage to Mecca or Medina
What is a Hajj?A hajj is a pilgrimage to Mecca or Medina that all Muslims are duty bound to do.
What is a mosque?A mosque is a place where Muslims get together to pray.
MihrabA mihrab is a niche in the wall of a mosque when muslims prayed.
What is Ramadan?Ramadan is the holiest month (June) of Islam.
During what hours are fasting Muslims prohibited from eating?Muslims are not supposed to eat from sun up to sun down.
What is a Kaaba?A kaaba is a sacred building that all Muslims have to walk around seven times.
What is a burqa?A burqa is an outer garment (cloak) that some women who are Muslims in some Islamic traditions wear.
Where has Islam and its culture spread?Islam has mostly spread in Africa and in some parts of Asia.

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